How Is Tofu Healthy For You

There are so many foods obtained from plants that you can eat to stay healthy and obtain nutritional benefits. However, not everyone warms up to tofu. Prepared from Soybean curd, tofu is a low calorie and gluten and cholesterol free food that comes with several health benefits. It suits better for those who want to discard animal meat yet want to stay healthy. It is pale white hued and resembles cottage cheese in appearance. It can be prepared in various ways and with diverse vegetables and ingredients. Its origins can be traced in China and Japan.

Nutritional Benefits Offered By Tofu

Tofu is rich in key nutrients that are required by the human body daily. It is a good source of plant protein. Tofu also contains essential minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, etc. It also contains a few important vitamins required by the human body. Tofu is low in carbohydrates and its fat quotient is minimal. A 100 gram serving of tofu has only 70 calories.

Why Tofu Eating Is Good For Health

Eating tofu brings you a number of health benefits. The major ones are:

1. Heart Health

heart disease

To keep hearts healthy people can go to any lengths. From working out to discarding various favorite foods people take many steps to boost heart health. Including tofu in the diet can be ideal when you want to keep your heart in good shape. The USFDA has confirmed in taking soy protein daily is good for cardiac health. Tofu eating may help check cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

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2. Cancer Prevention


Cancer is a killer ailment and its many variants claim millions of lives worldwide every year. Tofu contains selenium mineral that helps the antioxidants work properly. It plays a role in protecting from onset of colon cancer. Tofu contains flavonoids and isoflavonoids. These help inthwarting growth of cancerous cells in the human body. Studies have indicated tofu eating can reduce breast, colon and prostate cancer in men and women.

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3. Hair Health


Those who are suffering from brittle hair and hair fall may think of including tofu in their diet. Tofu contains a fair amount of protein. Human hair is made mostly of a protein called keratin. It helps in boosting scalp and hair health.

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4. Weight Loss

leptin losing weight

There is hardly any need to elaborate about the menace of obesity that has emerged as a major health problem all over the world. While resorting to various forms of exercise can help, you may also try including tofu in your diet to shed off excess weight easily and stay lean. It is a low fat and low cholesterol food.

5. Ideal for Diabetes

insulin levels

Diabetes is another health menace affecting billions of women and men across diverse age groups. Diabetes affected lot have to be very careful about the foods they eat. Those with type 2 diabetes can surely include tofu in their diet. They can benefit from its low calorie and fat content. Soy based food intake can help lower blood’s insulin resistance.

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6. Skin Health

How To Get Fair Skin For Men

Who does not want to flaunt radiant and smooth skin? However, you need not limit yourself to applying expensive skin care creams and lotions to stay younger. Including skin friendly foods in meals is also a necessity. Tofu contains a lot of protein and so eating it may benefit your skin eventually. The protein in tofu helps your skin appear radiant and enhance elasticity of skin.

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7. Menopause


Menopause is an inevitable phase in women’s life. However, you may take steps to regulate fluctuating hormone levels in the body to reduce side effects caused by menopause. The several flavonoids and isoflavonoids found in Tofu help control estrogen levels and reduce the symptoms like mood swings and insomnia.

8. Bone Health

Strong bones

Bone becomes weaker as people grow old and women fare worse than men. It is necessary to eat calcium rich foods to help improve bone and the health. Tofu is a good source of calcium. So, eating it may help improve bone health. Children can also develop stronger bones by eating tofu.

Ways To Cook Tofu


Tofu may appear bland tasting to you, but you can cook it in many ways to make it appealing to the taste buds. You can find tofu in 3 variants in market-firm, extra-firm and soft. The soft tofu is ideal for making salads and firm tofu goes well for making veg dishes. The soft tofu is low fat one. Draining water out of tofu is required before you cook it. Tofu tends to break down more easily than regular cottage cheese while cooking. So, you may cook tofu on low heat and sauté fry for a few minutes when preparing a dish with it. You can find many exciting tofu recipes on the web. It can be used with vegetable and fruits for salads. You may also use it with various vegetables and it can be used to make smoothies.

Issues To Keep In Mind

While tofu is not harmful for the majority of people a few issues can crop up after eating it. These are:

  • Tofu is rich in oxalates, which can be bad for people who have gallbladder stones.
  • Its goitrogen content may be bad for people with Thyroid issues.
  • Tofu has anti nutrients like Phytates and Lectins that can interfere with nutrient absorption. However, by cooking and washing well, these can be largely discarded.

Include tofu in your daily diet, and you will be including iron, calcium and all eight essential amino acids that your body requires!