How Oolong Tea Improve Your Health

Oolong tea, a traditional Chinese drink, is pretty popular among those who want to shed their excess pounds. These partially oxidized leaves, which are used to prepare green and black teas, get their unique taste and color from the fractional oxidization. And, perhaps, this is what gifts its rich benefits also.
Laden generously with a wide array of antioxidants, oolong tea is a treasure trove of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and even selenium. It is also abundant with caffeine, niacin, and folic acid, among other powerful nutrients that makes it a powerful food to include in your daily diet. From aiding in weight loss to easing digestive qualms, taking care of your heart and bones to gifting you an younger look, oolong tea does it all.

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Read on as we discuss about the various benefits of drinking oolong tea.

Why Should You Drink Oolong Tea

1. Aids In Weight Loss

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This is perhaps the most popular reason why people drink oolong tea. The assorted polyphenol compounds present in this tea variant is known to promote metabolism, thereby enhancing the fat burning potential. It also contains various antioxidants that ease the inflammation, promoting weight loss. Caffeine, present in oolong, also boosts the melting away of unwanted fat. In addition, it also contains potassium which helps in eliminating excess fluid collected in the body, easing weight gained due to water retention.

2. Good For Dental Health

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Oolong tea gets its dental health boosting properties from the presence of polyphenolic compounds. It curbs plaque build-up, lowers the risk of cavities, and shields teeth from decay. It is also suggested that regular consumption of this tea could thwart the risk of oral cancer.

3. Helps With Diabetes Management

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According to a study that appeared in June 2003, in the Diabetes Care journal, oolong tea cold be used as an effective supplement for managing diabetes along with hypoglycemic drugs. It could prevent the fluctuations in the levels of insulin as well as blood sugar, thereby averting the life-threatening extremities of diabetes.

4. Beneficial For Your Skin

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Oolong tea, like green tea, contains a compound called EGCG, which is basically an antioxidant. This ingredient scavenges the free radicals, thereby preventing the oxidative damages caused by excessive exposure to sun, pollution, and chemicals. It also promotes cell repair and prevents premature aging of skin.

According to a study that was conducted on animals, the consumption of tea oolong tea helps in the management of recalcitrant atopic dermatitis.

5. Boosts Your Immunity


Catechins or EGCG, the powerful antioxidants present in this partially oxidized tea leaves, eliminate the free radicals by scavenging them. This, in turns, averts the risk of oxidative damages and improves immunity.

In a study that appeared in the journal Phytomedicine, the immunity boosting power of oolong tea gets a boost when it is consumed after food as the enzymes released after digestion accentuates its anti-oxidative properties.

6. Protection From Age-Related Cognitive Decline

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Oolong contains some of the most powerful compounds like epicatechin gallate, epigallocatechin gallate, and gallic acid, all which are known to be beneficial in preventing age-related cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s disease. In a study conducted on mice it was noticed that oolong tea could help in lowering cognitive deficits and prevent degenerative changes to the brain.

7. Takes Care of Cardiovascular Health

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According to a study done at the Kyoto University in Japan, women who drank oolong tea regularly had 22% lesser chances of developing cardiovascular diseases while the risk lowered by a massive 38% in males. Oolong tea also has the power to lower the levels of cholesterol, thereby lowering the chances of a person developing cardiovascular failures like stroke and atherosclerosis.

8. Eases Stress


The polyphenols along with L-theanine present in this tea variants helps in lowering the levels of stress. According to a study that was conducted in Japan at the Osaka Institute for Health Care Science on mice, daily consumption of oolong tea lowered stress by about 10 – 18%.

In another study that was conducted by the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Fujian Province, it was concluded that a serving of 4 cups of oolong tea for one week could significantly lower stress.

9. Lowers The Risk of Cancer


The antioxidants present in oolong tea contribute to its anti-cancerous properties. Theaflavin and thearubigin are two powerful antioxidative polyphenols that could help in preventing and lowering the occurrences of cancer. It also prevents metastasis and induces the death of cancerous cells.

10. Good For Your Hair


In a study that was conducted by University of Maryland Medical Center, oolong tea helps in improving the metabolism, thereby stimulating faster hair growth. EGGG in this tea variant is beneficial for enhancing the dermal papillae function, thereby gifting your thicker, longer hair.

Oolong tea, with its anti-inflammatory properties, is also beneficial for warding off the dandruff and other scalp infections by soothing the irritation. The rich presence of vitamin C, vitamin E, and other antioxidants shields the hair from harmful rays of the sun and renders it a gorgeous sheen. These compounds also help in preventing and treating split ends and prevent hair breakage.

11. Takes Care of Your Bones And Joints

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The antioxidants again come into action here by strengthening your bones and joints and prevent osteoporosis. In a study, it was found out that people who regularly consumed tea had lesser chances of losing their bone mineral density and hence, had lower risks of osteoporosis and bone fractures.
However, please do not overdo with oolong tea as it has caffeine in rich amounts. Excessive caffeine could induce anxiety, headaches, and irritable bowel syndrome. Please be careful if you are using drugs like Amphetamines and Ephedrine as oolong tea and these drugs are stimulants. Please consult with a doctor before using oolong tea if you are pregnant or lactating.

While oolong tea is pretty safe for consumption, it is always advisable to be a little careful to avoid undesirable negative impacts.

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