How Singing Improves Your Health

Are you one of those many shy souls who love to sing in the shower? Well, research shows that singing can be really good for your body as well as your soul. So, sing away to your heart’s content- as much as you can and whenever you can!

Here are a few reasons why singing is just so good for you.

Reduces Stress

Singing is a natural and wonderful stress buster! Singing is an activity that releases a lot of endorphins. Endorphins are basically what make us ‘feel good’. It also helps to draw oxygen into the blood and make blood circulation more effective and efficient. Research has shown that when we sing, the stress causing hormone i.e. cortisol decreases and this, in turn, lowers our heart rate enabling us to relax.

Singing Improves Your Health

Improves The Immune System

Singing is an excellent way to start the morning. There is just something so cheerful about singing that it really brightens up your soul and when you feel happy, your system is better equipped to deal with harm. Science has proven that your physical state and your physiological state are closely linked together and affect each other equally.

Builds Social Confidence

Singing has always been a superb way to connect with other people. When you sing in a large group, for example: in a football stadium with everybody singing the national anthem, you start to feel a sense of emotional attachment and for those brief moments, there is a living breathing connection between each and every individual. The human voice is indeed, a powerful tool and singing can also be a way to overcome your insecurities about socializing. This has quite a positive effect on the mental health of a person.

Improves Chronic Health Ailments Like Asthma

Singing involves deep breathing exercises and these make use of muscles which can help with reducing the occurrence of asthma attacks. It can also improve the upper respiratory tract airflow and this will stop the bacteria from growing there, which in turn lessens attacks of cold, flu and other respiratory allergies.

Fights Depression

Scientists have found that when you sing, something called ‘oxytocin’ gets released and this oxytocin is a fantastic stress reliever. It can fight depression and loneliness- both of which can have a negative effect on a person’s mental as well as physical health.

Prolongs Life

Research has also found that singing can help you to live a little longer. This is probably due to the fact that singing relieves stress, makes you happy and improves your immune system, thus making your heart healthy and increasing the likelihood of a longer, richer life.

Tackles Insomnia

Most often than not if you’re not sleeping well, it’s because something is stressing you out. If you find a way to relieve your mind of this stressful issue, you will find yourself calm and at ease. Singing releases endorphins and oxytocin, which can make you feel really good about yourself. Basically, it’s like eating chocolate, but without the annoying calories. Thus, if you are able to relieve yourself of stress, you will find that you sleep better at night.

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Great Workout

Singing is a wonderful way to keep fit. Indulge yourself with this mood boosting activity while giving your muscles a nice healthy workout the whole time. While singing, you have to really belt out those tunes and this makes your lungs work a little harder. The deep breathing will also help with circulation. Singing has also proven to be a great toner for abdominal muscles, so sing your way to fab abs.

Enhances Brain Power

Studies have shown that singing can improve memory and increase your mental awareness. It is a really good activity which helps you to really focus and enhances your levels of concentration. It has also been discovered that by just reading the sheet music generally, you can improve your math skills and also see significant improvement in other cognitive areas.

Produces a Calming Effect

Researchers in Sweden have discovered that singing in a large group, example: a choir, can actually synchronise the choir members’ heartbeats. This brings about a very calming effect- something which is absolutely essential in today’s highly stressed and fast-paced world.

Basically, singing is good for the body, mind, heart and soul. So, raise your voice and watch the magic work on you!