How To Do Salt Water Flush For Colon Cleansing

Given the way pollution is exceeding limits around us, it is no wonder toxin accumulation in the human body has also shot up. They come from various sources, including food and water. When such toxins start accumulating in body parts, it becomes necessary to get rid of them. Failure to do so can result in various ailments and health complications in the long run. A lot of such toxins get accumulated in the digestive tract and colon in the human body and poor digestion has also a part behind it. To cleanse the colon, people resort to various methods and one of them is salt water flush. A lot of people prefer it over using various medications.

Salt Water Flush For Colon Cleansing

Nuances of colon cleansing

It is wrong to think that people have become aware of colon cleansing only after developments in medical science. As per available data, this practice was prevalent in ancient Greece. However, it was in the 1920s and later, it became quite widespread. After a lull lasting for a few decades, it has gained popularity among the mass once more. A number of products are available for flushing the colon. Some of them are commercially sold and some are natural. There are specific laxatives and tea types. Colon irrigation is done by specialists who make use of cleansing fluids and devices to cleanse the colon thoroughly.

It is believed that colon cleansing not only eliminates the toxins in the tract, but also helps your body get rid of germs and parasites developing there.

Salt water flush for colon cleansing

Those who want to clean their colon of impurities and toxins but dislike using any commercial product should opt for salt water flush. Sea salt detox can be done at home and the procedure does not involve any complication and cost is also minimal. It does not have adverse effects on body as well and along with colon it also cleanses digestive tract.

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The process of salt water flushing of colon

Himalayan Sea Salt

Himalayan sea salt in wooden spoon.

It is actually pretty simple and you will need two ingredients. Two spoons of non-iodized and unrefined sea salt and purified lukewarm water are all you require to perform the flushing. Put the sea salt in a jar of water and pour in warm water. Stir it well and drink it in the morning before anything else. You may drink with a straw. After drinking it, lie on side for half an hour. This is required to let the water reach stomach’s lower right side. After that, you can change your posture.

After an hour or so, the cleansing process would start in the body. You will feel the need to use the toilet quite a few times. However, some people also experience vomiting and nausea. The urge to vomit, however will reduce slowly. This discomfort is only temporary and soon you will overcome it.

Tips for success with salt water flush

You may use the below listed tips to ensure salt water flushing of colon is successful.

  • While sea salt works well on its own, you may make the process even more successful by having herbal tea at the night. It works as nice laxative.
  • Massaging the stomach just after in taking the salt water also quickens the process.
  • It is necessary that you make use of quality sea salt. Refrain from using typical table salt for this process. Packed salt bought from stores and malls should not be used. Celtic sea salt is the best option and it is brownish/gray in color. You may also use Himalayan crystal salt.
  • A few days before you go for the flush avoid eating foods that tend to clog the tracts like excess meat, flour based dishes and dairy. Evade in taking any processed food as well. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, especially those with plenty of fiber. The day before the flush, you should take light foods and soups. It is even better if you fast.

After the flush

The colon flushing procedure is good for health beyond doubt. However, you have to understand the process also drains your body of water. It becomes imperative to rehydrate the body after the process is done. So, you should drink plenty of water. A number of bowel movements also make your body weakened. It is wise to stay away from caffeinated or energy drinks as they tend to dehydrate the body further. The experts say you should wait for a few hours after colon cleansing with sea salt before in taking any solid food. There is no fixed rule for the foods to eat after a colon cleanse but it should be light and you may take soups too. Eating probiotics to boost the digestive tract health at this point is prudent. The processed and junk foods should be evaded.

Things to keep in mind

While a majority of health experts feel that colon flushing is beneficial for human health, not a lot of clinical studies are there to support this view yet. Besides, its effect on healthy gut bacteria is yet to be known. In certain situations, men and women should not opt for this process. Women who are breast feeding or have conceived should not go for this process. People with existing kidney ailment and heart issues should evade it as they already face hiccups in maintaining body fluid balance. The electrolyte shift may be too much for these people. People with some gastrointestinal problems like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis should avoid this process as well.

Summing it all up

Colon cleansing is generally thought to be beneficial for detoxifying the body. However, cleansing with natural salts is preferred a lot over using OTC solutions. It is not complicated and the cost is very low. The process is simple, but it is better when you prepare your body beforehand for undergoing the flushing process. Sticking to a suitable diet before and after the process is very important in this context. People with certain ailments should not try this without medical consultation.