How To Get Back To Shape Without Starving

It is quite astonishing to realize how the ravages of time can affect your look and appearance! Have you ever heaved a deep sigh, looking at the garments bought a few years back that do not fit your waistline any longer? If you have, well, you are not alone. There are millions of men and women who want to get back into shape and resort to drastic measures for that. However, it is not mandatory that you will have to resort to a rigorous diet that literally makes you starve! With the right measures, you will be able to shed off those ugly layers of flab without feeling starved day in and out!

Top 9 Tips That You Can Use To Get Back In Shape Without Underrating:

1. Time and Portion Control

timely meal

No matter what type of foods you at, how much and when you eat also matters in the long run. Stick to a schedule for eating meals everyday and control the portion you eat. Monitor overall calorie intake. Just because you have chosen low calorie food it does not mean you will eat three or 4 bowlful at a time!

2. Adequate Sleep


Lack of adequate sleep can make losing excess weight hard for you. It has been seen that less sleep tends to make you hungrier than usual which leads to overeating.

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3. Gorging on Fresh Produce 

fruits and vegetables

Most people, including the weight loss seekers think of vegetables and fruits as appetizers. However, you should eat more produce in meals and snacks to lose weight easily. The vegetables and fruits contain dietary fibre. This aids in digestion and also keeps you full for quite some time. Asa result, you can escape hunger pangs. They contain fewer calories than many other foods as well.

4. Eating Whole Grains

whole grain bread

When you are on a weight loss mission, it makes sense to eat whole grains than foods made with refined flour! The whole grains help in controlling cholesterol levels and they are also high in fibre. Brown rice and oats are good examples of whole grains. Try baking cakes and snacks made of whole grains at home.

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5. Cutting Down on Sugar And Alcohol


These two are strictly forbidden for people with excess body fat. Cutting down on sugar and alcohol will enhance your chance of shedding excess layers of flab. Instead of alcohol and sugary drinks, gorge on natural beverages like coconut water. Use fruits and vegetables to make smoothies and juices at home. Use honey instead of sugar in those beverages. Drinking green tea can also help enhance metabolism in your body.

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6. Snacking Wisely

citrus fruits

Despite all measures taken, hunger pangs can strike you from time to time. When you are trying to lose weight, it is not mandatory to tolerate pangs of hunger for fear of staying fat! You should pick your snacks wisely. Instead of gorging on a fat laden burger and feeling guilty latter, use dry fruit as snacks. Carry an orange and apple in your bag to deal with such hunger pangs. You may also carry some digestive biscuits and low calorie wafer bars.

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7. Staying Hydrated

stay hydrated

Hydration is required to stay healthy and it also helps when you want to shed excess flab. Drinking a glass of water before each meal makes you eat a little less and feel satiated.

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8. Choosing Proper Exercise

Exercise for Weight loss

No matter what you eat, working out always complements a diet! However, you need not strain yourself by working out. Hitting the gym may not be possible for all weight loss aspirants, as it is. You may also opt for running, walking or even aerobics. Swimming and doing light yoga at home can also be helpful. In other words, you need to pick a form of workout that does not drain you overtly but aids in burning calories.

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9. Using Apps


You are using technology for all needs including listening to music and shopping. So, it is only natural that you use it for aiding in weight loss! You can use several Smartphone apps to keep track of daily calories consumed and burnt. Such apps can also be helpful in letting you choose the right foods for your diet plan.