How To Get Rid of Burning Tongue

There are certain physical conditions that cannot exactly be classified as ailments, but can cause serious discomfort and pain nevertheless. One such instance is burning tongue! This can affect you when you drink or eat something that is way too hot like hot tea, coffee or soup. This can be a very painful and uneasy condition and you need instant relief. If the burn is of serious type, medication and immediate treatment may be required. However, when the burn is not deep, you may seek relief by trying some effective remedies at home.

Burning Tongue

Top 8 methods to relieve burning tongue

1. Honey


When you are coping with a burning sensation in your tongue, after drinking very hot drink or soup, try some honey for relief. It would be a good idea to keep the honey on tongue for some time before you swallow it. It will soothe the tongue.

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2. Ice Cubes


To soothe a burning tongue, you can take some ice cubes from the refrigerator and break them into small pieces. Put those pieces on the burnt tongue. It will bring fast relief by spreading coolness inside the mouth. You may also rub the ice cubes on tongue for relief. It is also okay to try ice cream to get relief from the sensation.

3. Sugar

how to get rid of the sugar-addiction

This is an age old remedy to soothe burnt tongue! You may suck a spoon of sugar granules slowly to get relief from the pain.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an herb with healing and soothing properties, used for skin and scalp conditions. However, applying the gel on burnt tongue can be good for relief. You may use it a few times a day to soothe burnt tongue.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt and milk

You can eat yogurt to soothe a burnt tongue. Keep the yogurt refrigerated and take a few spoonfuls inside mouth. Eat it slowly and do it a few times a day. You may also make a smoothie with yogurt and drink it after refrigerating to soothe tongue. It is okay to drink cold milk for the same results, as well.

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6. Apple Juice

Apple Juice

You may drink some cold apple juice to soothe burnt tongue.

7. Water

drinking water

You may drink cold water to soothe the burnt tongue and prevent dryness in the mouth. For desired results, hold the water in mouth for some time and then gulp it down.

8. Mint Water


You will get relief from burning tongue by gargling with cold mint water. For this, boil some mint leaves in water, allow the tincture to cool and then gargle with it.

What you should avoid

There are a few things that you should refrain from doing to ensure the burning tongue does not get any worse.

  • While drinking cold fruit juice can soothe the burning tongue easily, do not try any citrus fruit like lemon or orange. The natural acid present in such fruit juices will make the sensation aggravated at once! Stick to melon, sweet mango and litchi.
  • Do not eat chocolate, caffeine or drink alcohol with a burning tongue. They can worsen the condition.
  • You also need to watch the foods you eat after suffering a burning tongue. Do not eat any food or snack that contains chilli, pepper or too much spice. It is also wise to munch on any food that has a rough texture as it can damage swollen tongue.
  • Do not take any OTC medication without consulting a doctor.

If you get blisters on the tongue after swallowing something very hot and the pain shows no sign of subsiding, it is better to visit a doctor.