How To Get Rid of Joint Pain

Joint pain can make life much more difficult as it hampers the pace of regular every day activity. Usually a visit to the doctor follows feeling this pain but sometimes there isn’t a cure but only something to ease the pain. A number of remedies can be employed for more success. There are a number of topical treatments or oral treatments that can be used but it depends on the cause of the joint pain as to which method is used.

An example of this is pain caused by a fracture or by arthritis – these conditions require special attention as do other such conditions.

Non-Complex Joint Pain Treatments

This type of joint pain, classified as simple joint pain, can be relieved within a few days if the right treatments are applied. They might be right at home or available in a quick trip to the drug store.

Light Exercise: Tired and stressed joints can be relieved by some light stretching or exercise. Some topical anesthetics or oral pain killer can be used before exercising to help out.

Light Massage: Heat rubs and other such things can be applied to the skin with a light massage to ease the muscles and the sore areas. The massage may hurt for a little bit but it gradually relieves the discomfort.

Analgesic Heat Rub: There are a few brand names available in this type of product. It is used by many athletes for sore joints and muscles. A generous amount is to be applied to the skin around the sore and tired joints and gradually it eases the pain. This can be used in combination with a bandage as the person will have a greater benefit from it.

Paracetamol: This is specifically designed to ease joint pain and if used as directed will reduce the pain to a minimum until it disappears altogether. This can be used in combination with other remedies to make the healing process faster.

Apple Cider and Honey: Mixing two teaspoons of honey with the same amount of cider and adding hot water makes a good solution for joint pain. The ingredients should be allowed to settle before drinking it. Even though the results aren’t quick, it makes for a long term solution. This solution can be poured onto a cloth and used as a heat compress to more instant results.

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Serious Joint Pain Treatments

There are a few different treatments that can be taken depending on the cause.

Bandage with Heat Rub: Heat is not enough for fractures but an analgesic rub can help reduce the pain as well. The joint should be placed in the right position for healing.

Physical Therapy: This reduces pain and promotes faster healing in the right places. This treatment includes light exercise and massage.

Acupuncture: This is an older way of treating such conditions but it is effective. This required multiple sessions but is does reduce the pain and promote a faster recovery.

Visit the Doctor: The professional can assess the cause and make a recommendation on the best possible pain solution.