How To Get Your Diet Back On Track

Anyone who is on a diet quite often trips off his track. And, since it is the time of holidays, it is very easy to get off your track. While falling off from the stringent routine could be a welcome break, the luxury of eating everything you want could put you in trouble. Do not worry as you do have lots of people accompanying you in this journey. It is quite simple to get your diet back on track. All you need to do is to follow these simple and effective tips and tricks. So are you ready to re-start your journey?

Tips And Tricks To Get Your Diet Back On Track

1. Personalize Your Diet

Healthy Diet In Your Office

The rule one size fits all is not applicable when it comes to dieting. So do not let yourself be lured by all those countless ads on the television and instant weight loss diet techniques that pop up on your browser. Many a time, you tend to skip your diet plan when you feel that it is a boring one and does not connect with you. Craft a plan that will fit your needs and requirements. Include some varieties. Give alternatives. When you establish a relationship with your food, you are bound to stick to it.

2. Be Flexible

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While sticking to a healthy diet is a must to keep yourself in shape, it is always advisable to be flexible with you. It is okay to let yourself go once in a while. When you tried to hold back your cravings, they worsen. What would start as eating a single cookie would soon turn into a cookie eating marathon, throwing you off your track. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Do not criticize yourself. Just handle yourself with a little more care.

3. De-Clutter Your Pantry!

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Oh! Yes. You have to do this. As the festive season arrives, you start stocking your cupboard with yummy goodies, cookies, and cakes. But they slowly start luring you into eating them. You would start with a single slice of cake and then reach out for one more and then another… And thus, the journey will go on. So, once you wrap up your festivities, clear up your pantry and cupboard. Give them away to charity. Or, even better, just throw them into your trash.

4. Stock Up Healthy!

Dietary fiber

Now that you have cleared up your cupboards, it is time you start stocking them up with healthy stuffs. Almonds, walnuts, raisins, flax seeds, and chia seeds could easily become you mid-meal snacks. Purchase oats, brown rice, and whole grain based delights for yourself. Shop generously and spend on olive oil, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter. Green tea, lentils, peas, eggs, and beans should be included in your pantry. Do not forget to buy fresh veggies and fruits to pep up the crunchiness.

5. Detoxification Is Essential!


You have cleansed your cupboard. Now it is time to cleanse yourself. Opt for a fasting diet. While fasting need not necessarily aid in long term weight loss, it is one of the best ways to cleanse your stomach. Opt for coconut juice or lemon juice fasting for 2 days to clean your digestive and circulatory system.

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6. Drink More Water!

drinking water

Aim to include at least 3 liters of water in your diet. Water is essential to help you with your detoxification mechanism. Plus, water also helps in promoting digestion and elimination of wastes. In addition to all these, this tasteless liquids boosts your mental clarity and helps you get back on to your track faster.

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7. Track And Eat!

Couple Eating Food

Couple Eating While Travelling

While I am not a great fan of tracking what you eat, studies suggest that people who track their eating habits are able to bounce back easier. In fact, tracking lets you know what you are eating. Plus, since it is a tedious task, you would definitely end up eating properly. It helps you to track your ups and downs.

8. Seek For Support!

It could a journal or it could your near and dear ones. Share your goals and ask your loved ones to help you become more accountable. Find a mentor who could give you some encouragement and motivation.

Find a buddy who could listen to you.

9. Exercise Regularly!

Exercise for Weight loss

Exercising is a great way to boost your motivational levels. Studies have proven that people who exercise regularly, especially in the morning, maintain their goals and activities than the non-exercising group. A few crunches or a couple of twists or even a 20 minute power walk – the choice is yours.

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10. Get It Right, Mind Wise!

compassion meditation

It is all in the thoughts. So get it right there! Meditation and conscious breathing are two ways you could set your mind.

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So, start today and feel the difference!