How To Speed Up Your Period Naturally

Many a time, you might come across situations where you have to reschedule your periods to an earlier date. While accelerating your menstrual cycle needs to be done under proper medical supervision, there are some natural methods that have proven to be very effective in helping you with this Herculean task. The good news is that these home remedies for hastening your periods do not have any side effects.

Read on to catch up with some of the easy and effective ways to speed up the periods naturally.

15 Home Remedies To Speed Up Periods

  1. A soak in the hot tub

sitz bath

Soak yourself in a hot water tub to pep up your body temperatures. It relaxes your entire muscles, especially the ones in the abdominal region. It also stimulates the dilatation of uterus muscles and improve the circulation to the uterus, thereby inducing periods.

You can even use hot packs. Just keep hot water filled bags on your abdominal region to ease the muscles and pave the way for your periods.

  1. Munch on Vitamin C

Vitamin C

3000 mg Vitamin C can be munched just a couple of days before your required date to induce periods. Higher doses of Vitamin C create an emergency need for progesterone. This sends the uterine wall cells crashing, kicking off your periods.

  1. Exercise, exercise, and exercise


Regular exercising is the key for regular periods, but if you want to accelerate your dates, then just push a little beyond your normal levels. The circulation levels soar, sending messages for periods to arrive earlier. The good news is that exercising also eases the cramps and alleviates the heavy bleeding associated.

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  1. Acupuncture Or Acupressure


Both these techniques use pressure points to stimulate periods before time. They work on the points related to blood circulation, thereby strengthening your uterus. However, there are cases where these have negatively affected the menstrual cycles. So, just make sure the therapist is a qualified person to avoid undesirable effects.

  1. Jaggery

Jaggery (Gur)

Loaded with iron, jaggery is known to improve the temperature of your body, thus invoking periods. Dissolve 1 tsp of jaggery powder and ½ tsp turmeric powder in 250 ml water. Drink this concoction twice a day, at least 15 days before your expected dates to reschedule your cycles to an earlier date.

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  1. Red Meat

Red Meat

Akin to jaggery, intake of red meat improves the body heat, speeding up the periods.

  1. Keep stress at bay

lifeless skin

The higher the stress levels are, the higher the chances of your periods arriving delayed. So, put your worries about your periods at bay and relax.

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  1. Papaya


Loaded with carotene, papaya is one of the most recommended grandma’s remedy to speed up your period naturally. You can also include carotene laden carrots for the same purpose.

  1. Carom seeds

Carom seeds

Boil one glass of water with one tsp of carom seeds. Drink this twice a day to hasten your dates.

  1. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds

Toast your white sesame seeds and consume it with jaggery to induce your periods. You can start this a couple of days before you want to have the cycle. You can also intake 1 tsp of sesame seed with 1 glass of warm water twice a day to accelerate menstruation.

  1. Pineapple


Grandmas very often advise young women to eat pineapples to reschedule the periods to an earlier date. It is known to pep up the body heat and metabolism levels and thus, paving way for an early onset of periods.

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  1. Ginger

ginger tea

Ginger has the potential to pep up your body heat. Just keep adding ginger to your tea and have at least 2 cups of it to speed up menstruation. Alternatively, you can grate in 2 inch ginger in 300 ml water and sip it throughout the day for inducing periods.

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  1. Pomegranate and sugarcane

Pomegranate Juice

Mix equal proportions of pomegranate and sugarcane juices and drink 4 glasses a day to kick off an early menstruation.

  1. Celery


Loaded with apiol, celery triggers uterine contractions. So, start chewing celery stalks to hasten your cycles.

  1. Sex

Sex life

Sex improves your metabolism; it improves circulation to the genitals. It also ensures that the uterine lining is softened, promoting its breakage. Plus, sex is also a fabulous stress-buster.

So, what are your thoughts on speeding up periods naturally? Share your views with us…