How Does eHarmony Compare with Match?

All the newbies that have never been on an online dating site before – keep reading. Having done a simple search for an ‘online dating website’ you are bombarded with tons of different options to choose from, but beware, not all of them are legitimate or of any use. Some of them are even scams set up by people to coax you into paying them certain amounts of money, promising you the hope for a brighter future with the one you love.

It is important to remember that if a website is popular, it does not necessarily mean that it is the best. Not all the website offers all the same things or needs to fit your preferences, not to mention some are quite costly as well.


When people visit the same site regularly, it goes up on google rankings and becomes more popular, but this does not mean that the people visiting these sites are all actually registered users on them. It could be that it just piqued their interest and so they clicked on it. however, the biggest and best of the lot, usually remain the same legitimate platforms for years.

The one piece of advice we can give to those who are new to the scene is to go with the one that has the most active forums and discussion boards. These are real people who have either used their dating platforms or are currently using them and relaying their personal experiences to the world for all to see. So, both the good and the bad will definitely be there for you to read and decide for yourself.

If you are however in a hurry, and would like some real facts now, we have included this article just for you Having spent countless hours reviewing both eHarmony and, we have come up with a list of one versus the other, and compared these two popular sites to give you an idea of what’s in store. Whether you choose one or none or decide to go with both, is entirely up to you.



– Has a far more serious approach when it comes to dating. Joining this platform could lead you into a serious relationship, and one that can possibly end up in marriage. As many of the successful online stories have revealed.

– Theirs is a more laid-back approach, where once you have registered yourself on theory portal, and answered their thorough almost one-hour long compatibility test, to find out more about you and your preferences. You can receive daily matches or weekly, as per your preference settings.

– There are almost 2 million successful stories on their website and their ratio or men to woman is 51% men and 49% women. Which is pretty even if you ask us.

– The recommended age gap here is between 25 – 45 years and they have about 35 million registered members on their site, with the focus being primarily on dating and relationships (no one-night stands here, I’m afraid).

– A high rate of marriages in the US come from their website – almost 5% of the population in America.

– They take safety very seriously and abide their code of ethics. All its users’ profiles are qualified and members personal data is always protected and never shared.

– One of the oldest and well-established ones to hit the market and has been around since 1995. Their approach is also tailored to a more serious crowd, but you also enjoy a more casual relationship, not to mention the site highlights the most ‘genuine’ members such as gentleman or leading ladies.

– You can look for matches yourself by doing a search based on keywords (something eHarmony does not provide) or you can browse through the entirety of the list itself – it is up to you. There are almost 1,6 million successful stories and matches on their platform. You can read all about their stories here.

– They offer singles nights, games nights and various fun activities in and around your area so you can get to meet people face-to-face and if this is too intimidating for you, there is online advise from experienced relationship coaches that can help you make that first step a lot easier. This is a step in the right direction if you don’t want to waste any time leaving it to the imagination.

– It has the most connections and users out of all the other dating platforms. So, you have a higher chance of finding the ‘one’ for you. There have even been almost one million babies born through the use of So, if you also looking for a serious relationship – we will not stop you from trying this platform on for size.

– This portal offers two different modes to choose from: ‘zen mode’ – you are contacted once your profile finds a match or ‘incognito mode’ – you can view other dating profiles unobtrusively and only be seen by the people whom you are interested in.

– They take safety very seriously as well and they too have a strict code of ethics.

Not one of these is better than the other in the category of online dating websites. One just needs to go on them and look for themselves. We would say they both have equally good platforms with equally good options and preferences to choose from. Be true in your answers to the personality tests and sooner or later you will be the winner!