How To Choose Vape Flavors

Choosing the right vape flavor is critical. If you don’t like your e-juice, you won’t like vaping. Your e-cigarette’s atomizer and battery determine the quality of vapor produced. But what’s the point of getting a great hit if the flavor is terrible?

The market is loaded with different options. ZampleBox’s best tasting vape flavors, for instance, lists so many different flavors that it’s an adventure just reading them all, let alone actually trying them. So how can you sift through them?

Here’s some advice you can think about when you’re choosing a new flavor. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find a winner on the first or even second or third attempt but you don’t have to jump in blind.

Vape Flavors

Prioritize Flavor

Think about flavor first. It doesn’t matter if cotton candy crush was created with an ideal PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratio and has the perfect nicotine strength if you can’t stand the taste of cotton candy.

Everyone who’s interested in vaping can find a flavor that works for them. New vapers often choose blends that are familiar to them. This is one of the reasons why tobacco flavors are so popular.

Once you start branching out, your options are limitless. People tend to gravitate toward sweet flavors, however, there are plenty of savory options as well. Interested in pizza-flavored e-juice? It might be delicious.

What are PG and VG?

E-juice is made with a base of either PG, VG, or a mixture. The ratio between the two will affect your enjoyment. High VG blends produce more vapor while PG heavy blends provide a significant flavor boost.

You can also buy PG or VG only e-juice. Different consumers have different needs. Some people can’t tolerate PG blends. If you notice an allergic reaction after vaping, try using VG only blends.

Nicotine Strength

You can decide how much nicotine you want to consume. Most brands sort their e-juice into separate levels indicating how much nicotine they have. If you’re trying to reduce your consumption, you can start at the highest level and slowly work your way down. Eventually, you can start vaping nicotine-free e-juices.

Types of Flavor

Although there is virtually an infinite combination of e-juice flavors, most of them fall into one of a few distinct categories. A good strategy is to start with a base flavor that you love and add new tastes from there. You can create a unique, personalized concoction. To start, choose a flavor like menthol. If it works, add try strawberry-menthol, or apple-menthol, anything that appeals to you.

Single Flavor

Single flavor e-juices are hugely popular. Practically every flavor that you can imagine is now on the market. Fruity flavors are the most dominant but if you look around you can find more unique offerings. These options allow to you choose the nicotine strength that works best for you.

Tobacco Flavor

It’s easy to see why tobacco flavors are so popular. Most vapers are experienced cigarette smokers. Consumers who love the flavor can satisfy their craving in a healthier way. You can find a blend that mimics that taste of your favorite cigarette.

High VG

High VG e-juices are notorious for their incredible flavor. They’re a delicate substance, however. Making a palatable high VG e-juice is akin to an art form. Many consumers have been disappointed by the dry, charred taste of a poorly created e-juice.

These are the only option for people who are allergic to PG.

Multiple Flavors

If you’re interested in experimenting, you can create your own flavor. Perhaps the right blend for you doesn’t exist yet. You can experience the joy of creating an amazing taste specifically designed for you. Of course, you might have to try a few duds in the process.

You don’t have to play chemist yourself. There are companies that will create your e-juice according to your specifications.

Start Experimenting

If you visit a vape shop in person, you might be able to try out your e-juice before purchasing it. That option isn’t available when you’re looking online. You might be able to find a “tester pack,” however, where you purchase small quantities of multiple flavors.

Remember, brands use unique methods. The cherry pie flavor that you loved from one company might taste terrible when it’s made by a competitor.

New vapers are sometimes intimidated by the array of possible flavors. Don’t be! Chances are, it won’t be too long until you find something that works for you.