How To Get Rid of Bats

I can imagine the scariest nightmare that anyone can get would be to sleep with bats. For many people these creatures are the ugliest in the world. You may not like them but they act as the best pest control against flies, mosquitoes and other crawling insects which can cause you more harm than bats. They do carry some disease but you coming in contact with the same are rare.

Bats build their houses amongst shady trees, caves, bridges but they can never build their house at your place. It is not advisable to kill bats because they are helpful to nature and dead bats stink badly. But if your house is nearby to bats house then there are chances of them coming to your place.

There are several ways to get rid of bats. Below are some of them:

1. Keep the windows open

The easiest way to get rid of bats when you are busy doing something is to open the window. Bats can’t see instead they use the ultra sonic sound to find their way. They shall find the outside way and thus you can continue with your work.

2. Catch with the help of gloves and net

Since bats can’t see it might be difficult for him to find the way. In that case you can catch them and leave them outside your house. Don’t forget to wear gloves and use fishing net to catch hold of them because if you try to catch them with your bare hands they might harm you and transfer the disease.

3. Install fiberglass insulation

Bats stay away from fiberglass as it doesn’t suit their skin. They find it very itchy and irritating. So if you have a fiberglass there are simply no chances of them entering your house. Don’t go for a thick layer of fiberglass because a thin layer would also work for them. Install it in the areas from where they usually enter and exit.

4. Close the entrance of their nest

Normally bats don’t build their nest at your home. But if they do so you can block the entrance of their nest. Bats only roam around at night so wait until they leave the nest and once they are not there you can easily seal it. You can use a wooden board or any hard object to block the nest. Please ensure that there are no bats left inside because if they die your entire house will start stinking badly.

5. Use a Bat Repellent

You may not always know about the bats nest and by just blocking one of their nests the problem won’t be solved. So the best idea is get a bat repellent from the market as they are easily available and spray it around the areas where you feel they can hide. They are very effective and the bats won’t return back to that place.

Thus with the help of above measures you can get rid of bats.