How To Get Rid of Carpet Fleas

Fleas are wingless insects that are found ion the bodies of animals like dogs and cats. They suck blood from their bodies and their bites are very itchy and painful. Fleas derive their nourishment from the bodies of the animals. However these fleas are also found on your floor carpets as they mistake the fabric for fur. Although they do not survive for a long time on it, but it is important to get rid of them to protect your health and your pets health. Therefore it is necessary to get rid of them. Here are some of the ways to get rid of them.

Carpet Fleas

1. Find out their hiding place

Carpet fleas are small in size, so they are rarely seen. They just love to live in dark and moist areas, so you may find them hiding underneath your furniture or behind the doors. Do check your couches also as this is another place where they love to sit. Also check both sides of your carpets without fail as they cling to it also.

2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are the best and easiest way to get rid of these carpet fleas. Vacuum cleaners can easily suck them in their containers. You just need to put your vacuum cleaner in the place where you find the fleas hiding themselves that is over the carpets and furniture. Also use it in the corners of your house and the couches as they also hide there.

3. Wash all your Carpets

Although vacuum cleaner may suck most of the fleas, but still there are certain amount of them left on it. So it is better to get rid of it by washing out your carpets. All you need to do is was your carpets in hot water made up of soap. You can also use the steam cleaner to wipe off all those carpet fleas that may be left while using your vacuum cleaner.

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4. Try Boric Acid

Boric acid is very useful in killing many insects. Not only kills almost all kinds of insects but it is also safe to use as it causes no harm to your pet or you yourself. But remember not to pour too much of this acid on your coloured fabrics as it may lead to discolouration of your fabric.

5. Use a Boric Acid Solution

Wash your carpets in a mixture made up of water and borax. This mixture kills the younger fleas also. So you may be able to get rid of all of the fleas within no time.

6. Get rid of Old Fabrics

Carpets fleas are bound to stick to fabrics that are old and rough. So it is better to get rid of the fabric and eventually get rid of the fleas. But do not give this fabric to anybody.

Other measures you can use is to apply carpet treatments, call pest control professionals, kill them with insect spray, regularly inspect your carpets, give your pets a bath and consider using salt.

Thus these are some of the ways to get rid of them.