How To Clean Carpet

Carpets are wonderful as they not only look great but also trap the dust and keep them in one place instead of allowing them to float and settle down on your furniture and not only this they don’t allow dust or dirt granules to stick to your feet, but then cleaning carpet as you certainly will agree can be a great ordeal as it involves the use of a machine and soap along with residue.

Well you can save a lot of trouble by filling up the carpet shampooer with plain water instead as this will make your carpet cleaner and it will remain clear for a longer time period, as soap leaves behind small soap molecules which not only attracts dirt but also keep them trapped in places where you would never want the dirt to get collected thus making it more difficult to clean your carpet.

There are various steps to clean your carpet, stated below are a few methods that will not only make your carpet clean but will also save you from a lot of carpet cleaning ordeal.

  1. The first thing is to clear all the furniture from around the carpet as it will expose more of the carpet thus cleaning more of the carpet area. While shifting the furniture always make sure that you have a helping hand to help lift the furniture otherwise you may end up hurting your back lifting the heavy furniture.
  2. You should always make it a point to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner before cleaning the carpet with water as the vacuum cleaner will pick up dirt, hair and bits of debris etc thus making it easier for you to clean the carpet.
  3. To get the best result of cleaning your carpet you will need hot water and this means you will have to fill the water tank in the carpet extractor with very hot water; there are some carpet cleaners which have settings for heating water at different levels.
  4. After the water tank is full follow the instructions given in your carpet extractor and start cleaning the carpet without missing out any spot in a methodical manner. Cleaning this way will ensure that you don’t miss out any exposed part on the carpet. Moving slowly but steadily in a methodical pattern will ensure that the grim or dust is pulled from deep within thus cleaning the carpet more thoroughly. So the slower you go about your carpet cleaning work the better will be the work done.
  5. You need to refill the water tank whenever the tank becomes empty, carefully emptying the dirty water that has collected in the reservoir thus refilling the water tank with clean hot water. Follow this procedure until you have cleaned the entire carpet.
  6. Having done the most tedious job of cleaning the carpet all you need to do is to allow the carpet to dry. When the carpet is completely dry you can rearrange the furniture in its place. Vacuuming your carpet at regular intervals will ensure that the carpet remains cleaner for a longer time period.

If you feel that you still don’t want to clean your carpet yourself than you can always hire professional carpet cleaners who will help you out but then hiring these professional carpet cleaners can have their own set of drawbacks so you need to do a thorough research before you zero down on the best professional carpet cleaners.

The cleaning solution used by these professional carpet cleaners may contain chemicals that are hazardous to both you as well as the environment. The best thing is to call in professional carpet cleaners who are specialized in stream cleaning and use detergents that are specifically formulated for carpet cleaning and is eco-friendly. Carpet cleaning can indeed be fun if you know how to go about cleaning the carpet.