How To Get Rid of June Bugs

June bugs are grubs or you may call them as young ones of beetles. Beetles when they are young are called as June bugs. They can destroy your garden by eating up the roots of your plants or the organic material of your garden thus deteriorating it. They do not cause any destruction to your house furniture or to you yourself. They do not carry any diseases with them but they do cause destruction to your garden.

June bugs are also known by the name green June beetle. They are 15 to 22 meters long. They like to feed on fruits of plants. They are mostly found in Kansas and Texas. They love to eat the roots of carrots and sweet potatoes. In-fact, as mentioned earlier they feed on rots of most of the plants.

June bugs can live only for 1 year but yes they multiply very fast. They lay about 65 to 70 eggs every two weeks. Their eggs hatch after every to three weeks and after that they start feeding on the roots of the plants. June bugs are mostly active at night. Therefore they are also called as nocturnal creatures.

Why do you need to get rid of June bugs?

As mentioned earlier June bugs feed on the roots of the plants which are the vital source of nutrients for plants. Plants gets the required amount of water and nutrients from its roots and when the roots itself are destroyed it will eventually lead to death of your plant. Not only this, grub worms also attract other animals or pests that feed on them thus increasing the problem for you. Other defects that June bugs may cause are that they can leave ugly spots on your trees, may loosen your soil and make it spongy or make your grass turn gray or die. Therefore you need to get rid of these grub worms.

Ways to get rid of June bugs

You can make use of chemicals to get rid of these worms but that might cause your young ones or pets a problem. It may also kill the good organisms. Therefore natural solution to get rid of these worms is more effective than chemicals. Here are some ways:

  • Check when beetles lay eggs. You can make use of internet to find this.
  • Nematodes are helpful in killing June bugs. Buy one from the market and spray it in your garden after reading the instructions given at the back of the bottle. These nematodes are however useful in killing larvae of beetles.
  • To overcome the damage caused by grub worms, keep your lawn or garden watered so that the roots will soak it whenever needed.
  • Robins and other songbirds also like grub worms for their meal. Keep these birds in your garden and you will have to worry less about the worms. It will also keep your garden always enthusiastic.

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