How To Get Rid of Lizards

Lizards are reptiles, the cold blooded animal, like crocodiles and snakes. They are small creatures with long tail that crawl on walls. They feed on small insects and flies. These lizards won’t be seen much during summer. They are mostly seen in your house during winter. Although the lizards look scary they are not dangerous. But still the lizards are able to get out the scream of your mouth. If you want to get rid of them here are some of the ways to do so:

Take the Help of Your Pet

The best way to get rid of these lizards is to employ your pet especially cat as they are curious by nature. Lizards become their source of fun. But this trick of yours can sometime backfire to you only as your pets may bring in these lizards to your house to have a meal of them later. So be careful of it. If you have pet snake, then you need not worry about the lizards as they will be eaten by the snake.

Get Rid of their Food Supply

The best source of food for lizards is the insects. If your house is free of them then you will soon say good bye to house lizards. All you need to do is to keep your house clean. Keep the grass and bushes of your lawn short to avoid insects. All this will kill the mosquitoes and moths that become the source of food for lizards.

Use Lizard Repellents

There are many types of lizard repellents sold in the market. They have proven to be effective. Try one and get rid of lizards.

Use Flypaper

Fly papers are not only used for catching flies but also lizards. This is effective and helps you get rid of house lizards. Repair any holes or crack in your home: lizards can hide themselves in the holes and cracks of your house. Check your entire house inside as well as outside and fill these holes as soon as possible.

Make Use of Pesticides:


Pesticides help to kill lizards. There are lots of them available in the market. Choose one which will help you in terminating the lizard at your home. Follow the instruction behind the spray to avoid any future consequences.

Use Peacock Feathers

Just like snakes even peacock eats lizards. But you cannot keep a peacock as a pet just to eat lizards at your place. But you can definitely make use of peacock feathers to get rid of lizards. Just place them on the walls or ceiling or the place where you find these lizards coming from and soon you will get rid of them. Just change the feathers every 3 to 10 days as they are effective only for that period.

Basically if your house is clean you can exterminate most of the pests without many measures to be undertaken to get rid of them. If still you find these pests at your place then you can make use of any of the above methods.