How To Get Rid of White Flies

There are millions of people who are sick of white flies in their homes. These insects are mostly common during warm seasons and therefore a need to ensure that you know how you can get rid of white flies in your garden. These insect can affect your plants and cause a huge loss in case you are not careful in controlling how these insects spread. White flies affect your plants by sucking all the effective nutrients that the plants need for its healthy growth and therefore important to get rid of these insects.

The worst thing about these pests is that they multiply very fast and therefore in short period of time they can actually cause a great damage in case that they are not controlled. An important thing that you have to do is ensure that you check your plants to see whether they have already been infected by these insect. In case they are infected by these white flies you should remove any part of the plant that is infected so that it does not spread to other healthy parts of the plant.

The leaves and that are removed should be properly disposed through burning them since this can help kill any eggs that are laid here by white flies. You should treat the plant as early as possible if you would like to salvage your plant from being wiped out wholly by this plant. After a plant is eaten by these insects the plants will then be affected by a fungal disease that will eventually cause the plant to die.

Get Rid of White Flies

There are several ways that one can avoid incurring losses due to affection that is caused by these insects. Controlling the insects is just one that you can use to control the effects of these pests. You have to find good ways that you can eliminate these insects in your garden or prevent them from attacking your plants.

One way that you can use to eliminate these insects is the use of insecticides. There are many good insecticides that are available today to deal with these kinds of insects. They kill the insect once it sucks the plant since the insecticide is sprayed on the plant. However, it is also good to know that there are some insecticides that are environmental hazard and can lead to other problems. They can kill other important insects such as bees that help in cross pollination during flowering period of the plant. You can avoid buying low quality chemicals products that do not pass the safety standard and also and only buy good insecticides that are manufactured by reputable companies.

You can also get rid of white flies through the natural methods such as the use of traps to capture the flies. You can also use marigold, which is a very effective repellant to many insects by planting it in your garden. Onions are also good repellants and can also be planted around your garden to keep off the white flies that may affect your plants.