How To Buy a Great Pair of Badminton Shoes

Badminton is among the most popular sports which are enjoyed globally. Both men and women are seen playing badminton – whether it is just for fun or professionally. In fact, this game is enjoyed in all age groups with different ability levels. Aging people might not be able to play a very rigorous game of badminton; but they can enjoy it with little leaps, twists and lunges.

While playing badminton, people usually think about the racket or the shuttlecock and ignore an important thing – the shoes. Without proper badminton shoes, it is difficult to move freely in the court. Not only this, without proper shoes it is difficult to get a proper grip on the court floor. Also, the shoes should be such that no marks should be left on the court.

Badminton Shoes

Understanding Badminton Shoes Before Buying

Usually when people start learning badminton, they tend to wear their usual runners or sneakers. However, runners or sneakers don’t make good badminton shoes. First, they are usually bulky and that act as a hindrance in agile movement in the court. Secondly, majority of the runners have tough and hard soles, which leave marks on the court. This is not permissible in any manner. Third and most important, ordinary runners do not provide grip and traction at the same time, which is very important in playing badminton as injuries can be prevented.

5 Practical Tips for Buying an Excellent Pair of Badminton Shoes

If you are thinking of buying badminton shoes, here are some things that you must remember:

1. Sole of the Shoes

It is needless to say that the sole of the badminton shoes is an important thing to consider. They should have proper grip and traction. The selection of the shoe sole will also depend on the court in which you play badminton. For instance, if you play on PU or wooden court, shoes which have gum rubber soles are perfect. These soles help in providing great grip and traction. If you play on cement surface, you should buy shoes with normal rubber sole. Usually cement surfaces are not elastic as PU or wooden surfaces and therefore rubber sole shoes would be more than fine. Tennis shoes can be worn to play on a cement court, but should not be used in PU and wooden courts. If badminton shoes are not easily available, look for volleyball shoes as they come closest.

Shoes with gum rubber soles accumulate dirt very fast. This increases slipperiness due to reduced traction. It is best if these shoes are worn only in the badminton court and not otherwise. Many people keep a wet towel in the court where they can wipe the shoe sole to take off the dirt accumulation thus retaining the gummy texture of the sole.

2. Weight of Shoes

Heavy badminton shoes are a strict no-no. Look for lightweight shoes for this sport activity. Since badminton needs lots of swift movements on sides, backwards as well as forward, it is important that the shoes should be light to provide that agility comfortably. Heavy shoes will hamper movement and can also cause leg sprains, muscle pulls and other grave injuries.

3. Cushion

Your feet might hurt or feel the impact of quick movements until and unless your shoes have the required cushion. Proper cushioning can absorb the impact of the movements greatly and helps in quick movements in different directions. Now many badminton shoes come with special cushioning for added comfort. Power Cushion and Power Cushion Insole MC technology is implemented in many badminton shoes and it acts as a shock absorber. The wearer can perform fast reverse movements without putting pressure on the feet. Body balance can also be maintained with good cushioning in the shoes.

4. Design and Shape

Ergoshape badminton shoes are excellent as the shoes are shaped to snugly fit your feet. This design provides stability as well as comfort in the forefoot area and toes. As a result, footwork improves greatly with properly designed badminton shoes.

Also look for shoes which have double Russel mesh. It is a breathable material which helps in providing almost 8 times, better air exchange when compared to other kinds of shoes. This helps in keeping the feet fresh by not letting sweat accumulate on the feet. Also, it helps in preventing blisters that often are a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes while playing badminton.

5. Size of Shoes

Isn’t it quite obvious that you will buy shoes in the right size and not otherwise? Well, in badminton shoes, the width of the shoes also needs to be taken into serious consideration. Usually in majority of sports, you either need to go forward or backward and for that the length of the shoe is important. In badminton, side way movements are obvious. The shoe should have space on the sides as well so that side movements do not hurt your feet.

Innumerable International brands manufacture best of badminton shoes. Choose the one which seems most suitable and share your views in comments!