How To Pick The Best Pair of Running Shoe

Fitness and health enthusiasts indulge in various kinds of exercises and training programs to maintain a fit and healthy body. Among the different kinds of exercises, running is probably the simplest workout one can choose. And for that you need the perfect pair of running shoes.

It is interesting to note that purchasing running shoes is not as easy as it seems. While buying such a shoe at the store, you might feel absolutely comfortable in the same. But the real test begins when you start running after wearing the shoes. You might purchase one of the best branded running shoes just to find that it is not comfortable while running. The ideal running shoe would be the one which would be in sync with the shape of the foot and be suitable for the running style.

Running Shoe

For regular runners, a running shoe would endure 400-500 miles of running, which means you might need to buy new running shoes after 4-5 months. If the outsoles and the midsoles of the shoes look worn out or compressed, it is time for a new pair of running shoes without doubt.

Categories of Running Shoes

  1. Trail running shoes – These shoes are specifically designed for running on trails with various kinds of obstacles, including mud, rocks, debris, etc. These shoes have enhanced aggressive tread for solid traction. As a result, these shoes provide great underfoot protection, stability and support.
  2. Road running shoes – These shoes are apt for runners, who prefer running on pavements or on packed surfaces with little irregularities. These shoes are flexible and lightweight and provide required cushioning to the feet. The feet also get stabilized on hard and uneven surfaces.
  3. Cross training shoes – People who love trainings, workouts and gym sessions need proper shoes for the same. Thick soles are preferred as there are chances of hitting the ground quite often during the exercises.

Shopping Running Shoes – Essential Tips Which Will Help

Shopping Running Shoes

Finding the right pair of running shoes is quite an arduous and daunting task. With so many varieties of running shoes on the rack, you might be confused as which one will be the most suitable for you. Here are some effective tips, which might help in choosing the best running shoe:

  1. Pronation type – You might not know, but your feet rolls in a particular manner when you walk or run. Pronation types vary from one person to another. You can check the soles of the shoes to understand the wearing pattern and the type of pronation that you have. The three common types include over-pronation, supination and neutral pronation.
    Runners with over-pronation might have risks of injuries and knee pain. Usually such runners need motion control shoes or running shoes which offer extra stability. Again runners with supination will need running shoes with abundant cushioning and flexibility. Best are people with neutral pronation as standard running shoes are perfect for them.
  2. Weight – When talking of weight, there are 2 things that need consideration. First is the weight of the runner and second is the weight of the shoe. If the runner is bulky, he will need running shoes, which offer a great deal of support to the feet while running. This will help in preventing injuries and sprains. Coming to the weight of the shoes, it is always recommended to go for lightweight running shoes. Since the shoes are intended to bear a lot of pressure, the lighter they are, the better they will prove to be.
  3. Cushion – The amount of cushioning that you want in your running shoes will depend on your preference solely. People who want comfortable running with pillow-soft impact choose running shoes with thick padding and cushioning. No ground impact is felt in these shoes. There are also running shoes which come with minimal and moderate cushioning. These shoes do not have thick padding and will let you feel connected to the ground while providing the necessary protection.
  4. Length and width of the running shoe – Perfect fitting is definitely a prerequisite for all kinds of shoes, including running shoes. Along with checking the length of the running shoes, make sure that you check the width of the same as well. When you run, your feet will need more room – make sure that your running shoes provide that.
  5. Try running shoes with socks – It is always recommended to purchase running shoes by giving a trial with socks. This will give the real feeling as you will normally wear socks with the running shoes. You will also understand the support and comfort of the shoes in a better manner with socks.

Running shoes come in varied designs, colors and styles. Choose the one with the best fittings and one which fits snugly in your budget as well.