How To Improve Your Basketball Skills

Basketball is an interesting game and it also requires lots of stamina and patience. Initially, a lot of players trying the sport find it hard to excel. With consistency, practice and right efforts, you can surely improve your skills at this sport.

11 effective tips that you can try to improve your skills at basketball:

1. Regularity in practice

You need to practice the sport regularly, no matter where you do it. Those who practice regularly show marked improvement in real world performance than those who are slack about practicing.

basketball training

2. Quality of practice

When you practice basketball, observe how the ace players practice. Simulate their practicing steps. Rushing through start to end without focusing on quality will not be of much help to you. Doing a shooting drill makes more sense than shooting round, for example.

3. Using a colored ball

This may not sound much top you. However, when you resort to using a colored ball for practice, you can watch the rotation as well as the direction of the ball better than a white ball. The visual cue makes it simpler for you to make adjustments and enhance your shots in the long run.

4. Discipline in practice

Ensure when you practice basketball, there is no distraction around. Resist the temptation to gorge on some snacks in between practice or use your phone to check social media updates. This is a sport that requires the utmost dedication and concentration on the part of the player. It is better that you be disciplined while practicing basketball. Do not quit practicing simply because you are sweating or feel a little fatigued.

5. Not playing easy

While practicing basketball, a lot of people tend to practice in the most comfortable way. Remember, in real life games this is not going to help you much. Practice the way as if you are playing against an opponent. Adjust the shooting accordingly, even when you practice on your own. Pushing yourself harder at practice will help you enhance your skills in the long run. You may start by playing it easy and gradually step up the level of difficulty step by step.

Basketball Dribbling

6. Dribbling

Dribbling is a part of practicing the game and you have to be as experimental and hard working as possible to excel at dribbling. It is ideal that you dribble using both your hands at practice and alternate them in quick succession to get excellent command over the ball. You may also do dribble with each hand, a fixed number of times before alternating with the other hand. Some players also do dribbling while standing and after a while start moving.

7. Eye position

A lot of players practicing basketball hardly think of this, but it can be a game changer! Most of the times, you keep the eyes on the ground and the ball when practicing the game- as it is. It does help when you try dribbling while keeping your eyes up. This will later help you in tracking the movement of opponent players in real game. Besides, you will be able to dribble without keeping eyes fixed on the lower side. Of course, practicing like this will not be a cakewalk. But if you are consistent about it- within short span of time you will be seeing a marked improvement in your game play.

8. Team play

In spite of trying hard and putting in the best efforts some basketball players find it tough to improve their skills. They often do not acknowledge the fact that basketball is about team play! It is important that you learn your position in the team and tweak your move accordingly. If necessary, you can have a clear cut discussion on this with your coach. Syncing your play style with that of the team may prove to be beneficial for all involved in the long run.

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9. Shooting your practice

It may sound a little gimmicky to some people, but recording your practice and watching it later can help improve your performance hugely. Use a handy cam or ask a friend to shoot your practice session. It helps you find out exactly where you are making mistakes or taking wrong moves in the game.

10. Fluid motion

It helps when you can maintain fluid motion throughout the game. All your body parts should be part of a fluid movement so that there is no abrupt and jerky motion. Ace basketball players usually have a fluid way of movement.

11. Utilizing TV and web resources

Watching the performances of top basketball players can be immensely helpful when you want to improve your performance. For this, there are several online and TV based resources you can resort to nowadays. Find you tube videos of famous basketball matches to begin with and watch them repeatedly to learn game play style of ace players.


How do you practice? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!