How Dancing Helps Build Strength

By Subodh / November 9, 2013

When you feel weak, you can’t help but look for options that would make you stronger.  As much as you would like to believe it, taking prescription drugs and supplements is not the solution for this concern.  Who would not be afraid of a muscular person especially if that person is a woman?  The appearance of one person can sometimes look deceiving and other people would feat that person right away without first talking to him.  Dancing especially jazz and ballet would involve resisting the weight of another dancer.  This action would certainly build up the muscles of the dancer as long as he does it in the right manner.  Once again, stretching is required before entering into dance routines so it would prepare your body for the rigorous work out coming up.  If the person is heavy then you would certainly be looking buff in a few months.  Of course, it is something that would take a long time and not something that could be done overnight.


Your dance partner would sometimes be required to leap into the air and you are going to have to catch her when she gets down.  That is going to be a test of pure strength because she is going to be hurt badly when you don’t catch her when she goes down.  Imagine how embarrassing that would be if she lands down on the mat if the guy can’t catch her.  Besides, a girl is not even expected to be that heavy in the first place so it should be a piece of cake.  If the dancer does this often then there is no doubt his muscles would be built.  In case you don’t know, both jumping and leaping would require strength in the leg muscles.  If you don’t have that yet, then you are going to get it built by doing a lot of dancing.  It would be great to have brute strength since you would be able to lift objects you never thought you would be able to lift.  You will also have a nice sex appeal to the opposite sex as there is a big chance your crush would fall for you in an instant as long as you can talk good.

Ballroom dancing would always build the muscles of the male dancers since they would always lift their female partners above their head.  Of course, doing that would also require them to have proper balance.  After all, it is not an easy task to do that.  The male dancers don’t have to lift weights anymore as they just have to do ballroom dancing and it would already make their body as buff as it can be.  However, it can become tiring after some time so the male dancer must take a water break every now and then to avoid being too drained from all the dancing. There are normally a bunch of water breaks in between the dance sessions and you could lose count of how many there actually are.