How To Purchase Electronics At Online Auctions With Poise Because You Know How To Find Them

By Subodh / December 8, 2013

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. When it comes to purchasing electronics, the internet has opened so many doors yet also revealed just as many cans of worms.

Everything seems like a great deal, but you know as you scroll through the ads that you must separate the wheat from the chaff. Let’s take a look at how you accomplish that without losing your shirt.

Stay away from misspelled ads without photos.

A global economy means that grammatical errors are going to happen at online auctions. However, misspelled ads indicate that the seller isn’t really serious about the product.

The same holds true for photographs. A stock photo will not do. If you are seeing the same picture all over the web, you know it’s not for real, and the product you’re bidding on might not be as pristine as the item pictured.


When the price is too low, the risk of buying a lemon is high.

We’ve all been there; it’s hard not to be sucked in when you see exactly what you want with a price tag you can’t resist. However, when it comes to online electronics auctions, invest in products that make sense – impulse buys will rarely provide you with what you need.

Do your research.

The ad looks professional and the price seems fair, so what’s next? As with everything, research the product on credible websites for reviews. Some great websites for information about electronics include:


Also, make sure the item has not been recalled. You certainly don’t want a lemon, because when it comes to second-hand electronics, you probably won’t be able to make lemonade.

Perform your own research on prices and performance.

Granted, this can be a slippery slope, as the web contains a lot of misinformation. Give the manufacturer a ring. Ask them serious questions about the particular model, and compare it to what you have discovered online.

Write a list of the pros and cons, and then examine the fruits of your labour. Does this electronic device meet your needs at a reasonable price?

Ask the party why they’re selling the electronics at an online auction.

If you want it, someone else does as well for similar reasons. So why is it for sale in the first place?

Delve into the vendor’s brain and discover why the electronics you covet are being passed on. Is it simply because the seller doesn’t find much use for it? Is it damaged? Is it old? A healthy dose of skepticism never hurts.

Ask questions. Be specific. That’s the only way you’ll know if this product is what you really want and if it’s worth your money. If the seller isn’t forthright and informative, that’s a sign to move along and continue your search.

If it’s available, assess the seller’s profile and auction history.

Many online auctions provide vendor reviews. Does the seller have a good reputation? Does it seem like they are knowledgeable about electronics? If their feedback isn’t great, take the time to read customer’s responses to discover why they had issues with either the products or the service. A little legwork here could save you making a costly mistake.

When you purchase electronic equipment at online auctions, it’s all about sifting your way through the research, finding a price that suits your budget and jumping on a good buy when you see it. Be cautious but trust your instinct, and above all, enjoy the thrill you’ll get from competing for great items online!