How Smoking Ruins Your Look

The harmful effects of smoking on your health is widely known. It is bad for your brain, lungs, heart, and it even hampers with your sex life. So, now there is another ugly side to smoking and this is a very obvious one. Each cigarette you burn degrades the way you look. You start developing under eye circles; your teeth start turning yellow; you develop psoriasis…. No jokes! Clear your doubts right here with us…. Read through the article to know the negative impacts of smoking on your looks.

The Negative Relationship Between Smoking and Looks

  1. The puffy bags under your beautiful eyes

Puffy Eyes

You get those little, cute puffy bags not just because you are not sleeping right, but because you are indulging in those cigarettes too much. Studies suggest that people who smoke have four times more chances of developing under eyes circles and bags than non-smokers with restless nights. The reason – nicotine withdrawal that leads to sleepless nights!

  1. Psoriasis


Even though it is an autoimmune skin issue, studies point out that smoking puts you on a higher risk of developing this condition. A study on the relationship between smoking and psoriasis, conducted in 2007, suggest that people who finish a pack of cigarettes daily for 10 years have 20% more chances of developing this skin condition. The risk rate spirals up with increasing years of smoking. [11 – 20 years puts you at 60% higher risk].

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  1. Stained Teeth

Stained Teeth

The high levels of nicotine in cigarettes tamper your dazzling white teeth, leaving them stained. No amount of scaling and professional clean up will do good. So, what are your thoughts?

  1. Your skin will kick off its ageing process

get rid wrinkles hand

No one likes to have a skin filled with wrinkles and fine lines. Not to forget your crow’s feet. But, if you are an intense smoker, then watch out as your skin ages faster. According to a study, regular smokers look 2 years older than their non-smoking counterparts. And if you want the reason – nicotine hampers with the blood supply to the skin, provoking premature ageing.

  1. Yellow Nails

yellow nails

Nicotine affects your nail colors too. The beautiful glowing nails start turning yellow. Now that you have countless natural remedies over the internet to bleach your nails, are you planning to still stick onto your favorite pack of cigars?

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  1. Increased hair thinning

Thinning Hair

Your gorgeous locks are also at stake. The hair follicles are damaged; the cells suffer from oxidative damage triggered by an increased attack of free radicals. The result – your hair will soon start thinning. Studies suggest that men who are smokers have a very high chance of developing baldness.

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  1. Premature hair graying

Premature Gray Hair

That is yet another woe you have to tackle. But there are countless hair colors available right. So, which is tougher – quitting or getting your hair colored?

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  1. Delayed wound healing


Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, preventing adequate supply of oxygen to your face as well as other parts of the body. This, on the other hand, delays wound healing, paving way to scarred skin.

  1. Be ready for dental appointments

dental care

Yes! You are sure to have loads and loads of dental issues including gum diseases, oral cancers, and what not…. The gum disease leads to teeth loss. And, let me tell you that sitting on a dentist’s chair can be really threatening for your wallet. So, what are your thoughts? Ready to quit?

  1. Your skin will start turning yellow

yellow skin

According to a study that was published in 1985, a smoker is bound to develop gauntness, wrinkles, as well as grey hued skin. What is more interesting is that the study even coined the name Smoker’s Face for anyone experiencing these features. Stained teeth, yellow wrinkled skin, bald head – sounds good?

  1. Warts, warts, and more warts


Troubled by warts quite often? Are you smoking? If your answer is yes, then known that you are highly susceptible to human papilloma virus infections than non-smokers. Even worse, you will even develop genital warts, normally transmitted sexually. Studies suggest that women smokers have about 4 times higher risk of developing genital warts than their non-smoking counterparts.

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  1. More and more stretch marks

stretch marks

None of us like stretch marks, irrespective of where and how it comes from. Studies suggest that nicotine damages the connective tissue and fibers of the skin, stealing away its strength and elasticity. You will never be able to replenish the lost elasticity unless and until you quit smoking.

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  1. You are the risk of visceral fat

Body Fat

Cigarettes act as appetite suppressants and thus help in making you look smaller. But, what is not known is that the smokers have higher levels of visceral fat that could trigger various life threatening conditions.

Plus, smokers are at a higher risk of skin cancer and cataracts. What are your thoughts now? Ready to quit smoking and safeguard your skin and health?