How These 10 Foods Helps You To Get Flawless Skin

It is hard to find someone nowadays who does not want to flaunt radiant and flawless skin, maybe except some monks living in remote and barren mountain caves! No matter where you stay and what job you are in, there is no denying the ravages borne by your skin day in and out. From environmental pollution to the damages caused by harmful UV rays and factors like cold wind and dust, your skin gets damaged in numerous ways. To restore the shine and health of your skin, applying expensive skin care products alone won’t suffice. You have to check what you are eating. By including certain healthy foods in your diet, you can get improved and radiant skin.

10 Foods That Help You Get Glowing And Flawless Skin

1. Salmon


Salmon is a fish replete with nutrients, including omega 3 fatty acids. This nutrient is vital for brain cell functioning and also helps improve skin texture to a large extent. Eating wild salmon can also help you keep skin issues like acne at bay. It also helps you cope with anxiety and stress, issues that have a taxing effect on your skin. It helps your skin cope better with wrinkles and inflammation related issues.

2. Avocado


Avocado is a tasty fruit that comes packed with antioxidants like beta carotene and lutein. Including Avocado in your diet helps improve skin health by a margin. You can use ripe avocado in making enticing fruit salads. You may also use avocado to make smoothies at home. Of course, it can be used to make yummy fruit sandwiches. You may use ripe and mashed avocado to make skin packs that will hydrate skin, but it is better suited for those with dry skin.

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3. Papaya


Papaya is a delicious fruit that can be used both in raw and ripe forms in your foods to get glowing blemish free skin. It is replete with vitamin A and C, both of which play key roles in promoting skin health. Papaya also has digestive enzyme, papain- which helps bring down redness in skin. It can be used in many ways and you may make ripe papaya in salads and also in smoothies. Raw papaya can be boiled with other vegetables to make yummy soups and broths as well. Papaya also blends well with various meats and fish based dishes.

4. Tomato

Tomatoes for acne

This is one common vegetable that is actually very beneficial for boosting skin health. Red, ripe tomatoes contain lycopene and it also has nutrients like Vitamin A, K, and C. The antioxidant lycopene helps reduce skin ageing and its effects. You may eat tomatoes in salads, sandwiches and using it in soups and curries is also possible. Applying tomato pulp on the skin helps reduce sun tan and battle skin infections.

5. Water

drinking water

It surely sounds very simple, but it is not without reasons doctors and dermatologists stress on the importance of drinking enough water every day! Drinking plenty of water everyday is crucial since it helps the body flush out toxins with urine and sweat. Drinking plain water is the best thing you can do in this regard, but having fruit juice and smoothies can also help you hydrate the body. The result is visible on skin as fewer toxins in the body ensure glowing and healthy skin. However, refrain from having much caffeine laced drinks.

6. Strawberry


Strawberries are not only look cute, but these small fruits are also packed with enough nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial for skin health. They contain alpha-hydroxyl acid, which helps discard skin cells that are dead and boost the skin cell renewal process. As a result, you get glowing skin. Strawberries can be eaten ripe or you can make smoothies with them. Eating Strawberries can also help tighten skin.

7. Walnuts


If you are a vegetarian and so eating sea fish is not possible and you still want to get a supply of omega 3 fatty acids – there is a solution. You can include walnuts in your diet. These nuts are also rich in biotin and vitamin E. Apart from boosting skin health, walnut consumption helps improve scalp and hair health to an extent.

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8. Lemons

Lemon Juice

Lemons contain citric acid and vitamin C along with phosphorous. Including lemon juice in your diet can be good for boosting skin health- beyond doubt. You can use lemon juice to make several skin brightening masks and including it in making juice and smoothie is also a good idea.

9. Bell Peppers

red peppers

Red bell pepper is one tasty vegetable that can be cooked in many ways. You may sue them to make several veg or meat based dishes and they can also be included in sandwiches and salads. They have vitamin B6 and fibre in good amounts. They are also replete with vitamin C. These make the vegetable ideal for skin health and battle acne. Its low calorie content ensures you do not put on excess weight even if you eat it daily.

10. Spinach


The leafy green vegetable is nutrient-rich and can be cooked with a plethora of other vegetables and animal meat as well. It is a natural source of nutrients like Vitamin E, magnesium, iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Spinach has antioxidants that help your skin battle infections. By including it in diet, you can fight skin problems from within. Apart from use in smoothies and salads, spinach tastes great when used in broth and soups.