How To Get Rid of Nose Blackheads

When anybody meets you then your face is your identity and hence everybody wants to look good as it is the first important appearance. When it comes to facial part then it is a thing to worry if you have blackheads over your face for most of the conscious people. Blackheads can be seen on most parts of the face but they seem to occur mostly on the nose areas of a person.

Black is black

Comedone is the medical name of blackheads. These are more often confused with white heads but they are different from them as whiteheads are present on oily as well as dry skins whereas blackheads are present over the oily skins only. As these blackheads are a result of accumulation of excess oils, they clone the pores which generally results in familiar bump. This pore is taken over by the bacteria due to clogging. The reason why a pore gets clogged is as follows:

  1. The most important reason of oil production is hormones. Androgen, the male hormone lead to an increment in the oil production from the skin. The excess production of this hormone can also lead to the formation of blackheads.
  2. Skin care products as well as make-up also lead to the skin pores to clog.
  3. Stress also plays a key role in the increment of oil production on one’s skin. This is also the reason to get pimples over your face.

Getting rid of nose blackheads:

These are some methods to remove blackheads from your nose as well as the face.

1. See a dermatologist

Before you do anything, you should visit a professional and get your nose blackheads removed by him. It may cost more to you than the self treatment done but this may assure you that you are in the safest hands and you may also get some information about your skin type and the reason that why you are having such blackheads.

2. Soften the blackheads

This can be done in many ways. Firstly, you need to take a warm shower, so that the steam may do the softening. You can also use a steamer for this purpose, if you wish. When you think that the blackheads have softened then you may use a blackhead remover or pore strips.

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3. Use blackhead removers or extractors

Many blackhead removers such as Revlon stainless steel blackhead remover will make it easier to remove the blackhead. You need to put the pad on your nose with pressure and then peel it. This is quite easy. But be cautious, read the instructions thoroughly otherwise you may end up in tearing your own skin.

4. Use astringents and acne medications

Astringents and acne medications will dry out your blackheads so that they get removed out as you do your regular facial cleansing.

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5. Keep your face from getting oily

If you have a healthy diet then it will automatically help in reducing the production of oil on your skin. To make your skin healthy and glowing then you need to eat a lot of fruits and raw vegetables. Exercise is also a key factor that helps in the balance of hormones in our body which controls the production of oil.