How To Choose The Correct Flooring

People strive to live in a place where they belong, where they know all about the place and where they are extremely comfortable with everything about the place. This is the reason that apartment complexes and housing colonies just give a skeleton of a house nowadays. The builders understand that the people like to personalize everything in their house. There is a market out there which thrives on this. This market includes: wall colouring, furniture, doors, windows and flooring in general.

Everyone is very specific about the type of flooring they want to have in their house. It can be simple tiles, hardwood flooring or laminate flooring.


If one is interested only in tiles then they don’t have any dilemmas.  But if you want a hardwood or laminate flooring, it is imperative that you know all the positives and negatives between them.

Hardwood flooring versus Laminate flooring:

Before getting into how to assess hardwood and laminate flooring it is necessary to know what laminate flooring and hardwood flooring is. Hardwood flooring is a more traditional flooring type. It consists of panes made from wood (mostly teak or pine). These panes can be clicked in together and they are placed horizontally over the area to be covered.

laminate flooring

Laminate is a melamine resin and fiber composite along with pressed and recycled wood which is covered by a protective layer. It is similar in look to hardwood. It is even assembled in the same manner. Some say that it is the cheapest and toned down version of hardwood flooring.

The first point of comparison is the most important i.e. Price.

Reality prices are skyrocketing right now. So, it would be better to check how much you can spend before deciding to look at different types of flooring.

Laminate is made from cheaper materials and has an easier manufacturing process. Thus, laminate flooring costs half of what hardwood would cost.

Hardwood flooring, made from real wood requires the cutting of rare and expensive trees. Thus, they cost a fortune and can’t be afforded by all.

The second point is, Durability.

Hardwood is essentially wood. Thus, it can be damaged easily by moisture.  It is a soft surface. Thus it can be scratched easily. It has a good look and feel so it does make up a bit there.

Laminate is a fiber so it is water resistant. Its protective layer stops scratches. It can bear the traffic load well. Also, it can be cleaned with ease. Despite all this, it may look a bit jaded. So the outcome here is a tie.

The third point is, Reparability.

It is almost next to impossible to not damage the flooring of the house especially if it is hardwood or laminate flooring. It is necessary to know which one of the two is easily repairable.

Laminate flooring doesn’t understand repairs. If for any reason there has been damage, the specific panes must be replaced.

Hardwood can be repaired. This is done through a technique called sanding. This is its major advantage.

Despite this, laminate flooring is the hot thing right now.