How To Clean Tile Grout

You must be wondering as to why in spite of regular vacuuming your bathroom tiles look yellowish in color? Grout as you know is by nature very porous thus there is an increase in the level of absorption of all the spills and also on holding the dirt, molds and even the mild dew onto to the tile. But then how does one go about cleaning this grout from the tiles? By scrubbing too much you may damage your tile thus instead of rectifying your grout problem you will be increasing the problem.

Is there any way to clean the tile grout?

Before you start cleaning the tile grout you need to gather your cleaning materials like bucket, vacuum cleaner,, mild soap, a sponge or a mop or even a soft cloth will do but it all depends upon how much area you need to clean up.

If the color of the grout is white then using hydrogen peroxide along with baking soda is advisable. But then if the color of your grout is darker or has turned yellowish that means you will need a stronger cleaning agent and for this you can always make use of oxygen bleach which comes in a powdered form.

Firstly, vacuum clean the area that needs cleaning as washing the grout directly will dirty the surrounding area thus making the job more difficult and stressful. To clean walls and countertops you can always use of pieces of rags.

If using a mild cleaning agent will help you out then try them out as this will help solve your problem easily and for this you will need to fill up a bucket with warm water adding to it some mild soap and using a mop wet the area to be cleaned. Let the soap water set there for a few minutes then clean the area, if the grout tile looks cleaner then you need not repeat the cleaning method again.

If you have to clean white grout too much of cleaning solution may affect the grout as this is known to distort the color of the tile. The best way to clean white grout is to use equal quantity of the solution and water and the cleaning agent here being hydrogen peroxide, pour the solution is a spray bottle and all you need to do is to spray this solution directly onto the white grout, allow it to settle down for some time and then wipe clean.

In case there are certain spots that cannot be removed easily then you need to use baking soda along with hydrogen peroxide mixed to paste and applied on these stubborn spots. Allow it to dry. Rinse the tile thoroughly.

If your tiles have a yellowish or a colored grout then using oxygen bleach powder is the best option like OxiClean which should be mixed with warm water. Apply this on the grout letting it settle down on this area and cleaning it off by gently scrubbing the stained area after about fifteen minutes with a rag or a toothbrush.

Rinse thoroughly as leaving behind any residue will attract more dust, grime and dirt thus making it a far tedious cleaning job in the future. In case of stains like blood, hair color dye etc scrubbing is not the solution all you need to do is to replace the tile as spraying harsh chemicals will damage your tiles.

Natural stone tiles are known to be more susceptible to acidic cleaners causing more wear and tear so use the help of a professional to help replace your tile or for that matter repair your tile. Always check on the pH level of the floor cleaner before using them as they may cause more damage then be of any help to you to clean up your grout tiles.