How To Clean Tile Floors

Most of the time it has been found that if you want to clean your bathroom tiles all you must have done is let the cleaning material or mixture sit on the floor for some time and then clean them off, but by doing so you not only spoil your health but this mixture sometimes gives out noxious gases which gives you vomiting sensation. The best way to clean your tiled floor is to use citric acid which will help you clean up without emitting any noxious gases and leaving your bathroom tiles sparkling and clean.

Is Citric Acid really effective?

Citric acid is the cheapest of all cleaning agents and it is also known to kill bacteria’s etc. with a lot of ease. There are no traces of citric acid after some time so there are no health hazards as compared to other floor cleaners which may be effective cleaners but more harmful to health. All you need to do is follow the steps given below to clean your tiled floor using citric acid to get the best results.

  1. Citric acid is a natural cleaner and safe to use, so before you start off you need to sweep the bathroom flooring thoroughly starting from the edges of the bathroom coming to the centre of the bathroom. If you have anything else in the bathroom like the claw foot then you need to cleanly sweep below so that you don’t have any dust particles sticking out from underneath.
  2. You need to mix citric acid in hot water proportionately. Soak the floor with this acidic water or if you are worried then all you need to do is to mop it around but then it will evaporate before you can scrub the floor clean. So it is better to let this acidic water solution soak the bathroom tiles as this increases the chances of your scrubbing the bathroom tiles lesser as it this acidic solution is known to loosen up the mineral deposits, mold, dirt or any other spots like rust faster.
  3. If there are spots that need a little more attention then you need to use rubber gloves and using a scratch pad scrub clean the tiles of these harsh spots like paint, varnish etc. Though if scrubbing does not work then you can use citric acid concentrate to make it easier for you to remove the harsh spots.
  4. Once the scrubbing part is done all you need to do is double rinse your bathroom i.e. you can use a mop and wipe the bathroom using clean water. You should not worry about water spots as this acid solution is known to chelate almost all the minerals that are present in the water.
  5. When talking about eco-friendly floor cleaners citric acid is the best eco friendly and effective floor cleaner.

There are many brands of bathroom cleaners available in the market today which have a high pH solution in them and dissolve the minerals easily thus help clean up your bathroom tiles quickly but then there are some that don’t abide by the laws and have a low pH so you need to check out the floor cleaner before you try them out. Some soap leave residue behind but then they can be dangerous as it will become difficult to clean this up as layers of grim and dust collect on it over a time period.

Other natural bathroom cleaners which are effective and mild acidic in nature are vinegar or acetic acid, extracts of orange juice, citric acid juice or lemon juice. These are wonderful floor cleaners giving your bathroom tiles a clean and shiny look at the same time being good disinfectants killing all those germs and bacteria that are found in the bathrooms.