How To Clean Linoleum

There is a vast difference between vinyl floors and linoleum flooring and you should not confuse one for the other. Though vinyl flooring is found in institutions and is more prone to wear and tear in comparison to linoleum flooring. You need to clean your linoleum flooring without the use of chemicals that are toxic or have harsh properties as this is known to damage your linoleum flooring.

The best cleaning agent for linoleum is the use of vinegar as cleaners with high pH are known to not only damage the flooring but also makes your linoleum flooring crack down faster and loose the natural luster of the flooring.

Base chemicals are found in ammonia and other floor cleaners which are known to be effective linoleum cleaners as they not only clean up the dirt and grime easily but also help maintain the natural luster of the linoleum flooring.

Though vinegar is the cheapest of all the floor cleaners and has the least toxic effect on the linoleum flooring because of its natural cleaning properties and also gives you the best results and causing lesser damage to your flooring.

What are the steps to clean linoleum flooring?

Before you start off you need to collect certain things cleaning gear. In a bucket pour some apple cider vinegar and using a mop you can clean the floor. If you wish to you can also dilute this vinegar with some water. All you need to do is mop quickly.

The biggest advantage of using vinegar as your cleaning agent is that you don’t need to do a lot of cleaning and it will not damage your flooring as linoleum is not porous so it will not absorb this cleaning agent.

All you need to do is to soak your mop and then wring the mop and get back to cleaning the floor. The edges of the flooring are well sealed so there is no fear of the solution from seeping into the flooring.

You can wipe the entire linoleum flooring once and then go back to it again this way using a bit of pressure thus removing any dirt or grime that may have got stuck in the flooring.

If you are too conscious about having your linoleum flooring completely disinfected and also bringing out the shine in the flooring and have a second thought about the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar as a disinfectant and a natural shiner then you don’t need to worry.

As you know that linoleum is made using linseed oil, rosin, pine tree, limestone, wood flour, jute, cork flour and other such natural organic materials it is basically green in color and can be recycled. And vinegar is the most effective one on this flooring. Apart from this you also have an alternative of linoleum floorings like Marmoleum and this too is made from natural occurring or organic materials.

And as today with the changing lifestyle people hardly having time running around with their busy schedule the most effective and less maintenance required flooring material is linoleum. This linoleum flooring is cost effective and is far lesser than the other expensive kind of floorings like the marble, slate and vinyl floorings.

After a hard day of work if you have to come back to mopping up your floor or have guests or a pet or even a baby at home and are always tensed as to how to take care of your expensive flooring as most of the other floorings are either expensive or have a lot of maintenance as some are porous thus absorbing water or any spills immediately thus eroding and increasing the corrosion of the flooring, but then with linoleum flooring you have very little to worry. Sit back and enjoy your evening without much floor cleaning as linoleum is the best flooring available for you.