How To Clean Grout

Many a times you may have tried to clean grout by using non toxic cleaning materials like vinegar and baking soda but then the results obtained may not be very satisfying as these materials works best on lightly soiled grout.

Is there no way to clean those ceramic tiled bathroom floors?

Yes, there is use of oxygen bleach is one sure way to clear all the grout from your bathroom floor though you may think that the bleach is dangerous but then this oxygen bleach is safe and eco friendly too.

Hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach is a good grout cleaner and apart from this sodium per carbonate and also sodium per borate both of which come in powder forms are also good cleaners. Though they are eco friendly they do have some or the other reaction as they do undergo a chemical reaction in order to remove the dirt and grime from the grout tiles

Ways to clean the grout:

Mixing sodium per carbonate powder with two or three cups of water or as instructed or a mixture of oxygen bleach with a bucket of water can help you get started to clear the grout from your bathroom tiles.

You can either pour this liquid over the tiled grout or use a paintbrush to spread over this grout apart from this you can also use an eyedropper or a turkey baster too. To get the best results you need to start working from the back of the room ending up to the front of the room. Let the solution remain for at least 5 minutes and you will notice that there is white foam which helps remove the grout from the tiles, waiting for around 15minutes would be the most ideal time for you to wipe off this surface to get the best results another coat of oxygen bleach can do wonders to your tile.

In case you need to do some scrubbing it will be easier to do so now that the solution has remained undisturbed for 15minutes. Using a brush or a rag you can clean this grout and wash off the floor with clean water.

The result is best seen when the floor has dried up completely as the grout is porous it will appear dark when wet and if you feel that the floor is still not clean then you can always repeat the procedure again till you are happy with the end result.

What is the purpose of a grout sealer?

Grout Sealer helps protect your grout tile from getting dirty faster thus saving you from all the trouble again in the future. Though most of the hard work is done by this liquid oxygen bleach but then applying it and waiting for it remove the dirt etc takes its own time and apart from this there is always the concern of getting yourself exposed to the chemicals though. Most of the Grout Sealers are not eco friendly nor are they good for the health.

Most of these Grout Sealers are water based this does not at any given point mean that they are no harmful chemicals involved in it. These are flammable and are known to cause irritation of the lungs or skin. These chemicals are also hazardous in case they enter your water supply. Though they are not very harmful but then they are not natural products to protect your grout either.

The choice is entirely yours whether you want to go through all the process or want to keep your grout free from grim and dirt for a longer period of time without having to get in touch with hazardous chemicals or get a reaction to these chemicals for that matter.