How To Clean A Ceramic Tile Floor

Cleaning ceramic tile floors is much easier as the surfaces of the tiles are smooth. Many people feel that cleaning these ceramic tiles does not need a lot of labor and all that you need is cotton crew socks white in color.

The facts stands true as ceramic tile floors are known to be stain resistant and require very little attention where cleaning is concerned. Though sometimes there are some stubborn stains that make cleaning these ceramic tiles difficult.

Listed below are a few easy methods to clean even these sometimes stubborn stains thus making your ceramic tile floor clean and sparkling.

Firstly, you need to identify the stain as to whether this was caused by red wine, cranberry juice or blood. The first thing to clean these is by mixing baking soda with vinegar forming a moderately thick paste and dabbing this on the stain and leaving it for a quarter of an hour or so.

As the paste becomes crusty all you have to do is to clean this off with water. If the color of the stain is lighter than before than you can repeat the same procedure again but taking care not to let the paste dry completely.

Furthermore to prevent the paste from drying up you can always cover it with a damp cloth so that the paste will take a longer time to dry thus working on the stain for a longer time period giving you lesser time to scrub the floor tiling.

If there is a slight stain on the tile or the grout you can always cover this up with a sponge dipped in white latex paint or white primer or for that matter a dab of toothpaste will also help to hide these slight stains.

In case there is a reddish stain then you need to work on it by using hydrogen peroxide to clean the stain thoroughly. Most of the time you will notice that the stains are removed but then in case they still remain you can try out the alum and lemon juice paste which is known for its prurient qualities but then this should be done after repeating the above mentioned procedure which will definitely help you out.

If all these methods fail then all you can do is to use harsh cleaners which are not only toxic but are also unfriendly environmental cleaners like bleach etc. But then a word of caution chlorine bleach is known to trigger allergies like asthma and in some cases burning sensation to the eyes too. Chlorine is also known for its corrosive tissue damage leading to pulmonary edema or the retention of water in the lungs if exposed for a long period of time. You can always use Barkeeper’s Friend as this has a lesser amount of Oxalic acid which is found in food too but people suffering from kidney stones should avoid using this cleaner as it could be fatal and is eco friendly.

A few tips to prevent ceramic tile grout:

  1. Sealing the ceramic tile once in two years but then you need to seal it every six months in areas like the shower, kitchen sink and even your laundry area.
  2. Use eco friendly cleaners.

Like the nonskid rugs that prevent you from falling which can be easily replaced after they have worn out there are better options for you from saving yourself from all these scrubbing and cleaning and as an afterthought you need to sit down and decide what is really important when you want to decorate your home.