How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring were a rage a couple of decades back and is back again with a bang. It is far easier to clean hardwood flooring rather than clean the carpet on the floor but then you need to have proper equipments to clean even this wooden flooring as a wrong kind of equipment may lead you to do up the entire flooring again.

There are many ways to clean this hardwood flooring, but then the best way is to clean is by using an organic floor cleaner. But before you start off you will need a few essential equipments to help you clean this hardwood flooring like a good broom, a mop, if you want to use a vacuum cleaner if you desire so, cleaning solution and last but not the least a spray bottle by which you can spray the cleaning solution onto the hardwood flooring.

You can always use an organic dish washing soap and plain water. Try to avoid using commercial products as they are acidic by nature and are known to give your floor a dull look after a period of time thus destroying the beauty of your hardwood floor.

You need to start off by sweeping the floor of any dirt or dust and vacuum clean the corners so that all the dirt gets collected in the garbage bag. Pour warm water and the organic soap in the spray bottle and spray the liquid on the floor and wipe it clean with a mop, make sure that the mop is not wet as abundance of water is known to lead to the cracking of the wooden flooring.

The best way to get good results to your cleaning is to do one area at a time so that you can work faster and get the best result for your cleaning. If there are some spots that are troubling you than you can always spray the solution directly on that spot and leave it for some time before you can wipe it clean and dry. Yet another option is to mix water that is a tad warm with vinegar and then mop up the wooden flooring though this solution is a bit acidic but then you can get good results for getting rid of troublesome spots.

Yet another way to clean this hardwood floor in a much cheaper way is to use your old socks to help you do the cleaning which can help you traverse your room into a clean and neat one.

You have learnt how to clean this hardwood floor but then keeping it clean is also of utmost importance otherwise you will end up cleaning and moping your floor every other day due to collection of dirt and dust.

Firstly to avoid the floor getting dirty you need to clean or rather sweep the floor everyday or regularly. Another thing that you can do is to use rugs wherein you can remove your shoes out there itself thus preventing dust from entering the room. Avoid letting pets from entering the room as their nails can leave scratches on the hardwood flooring or get them trimmed regularly.

You can also apply protective pads beneath all the furniture as this will prevent scratching and denting of the wooden floor

Last but not the least avoiding sunlight to enter the room as sunlight is known to corrode the furniture and this is true even with your wooden floor as with time sunlight will fade up the color of the wooden floor. This way you can increase the shelf life of your hardwood floor and keep it clean and grime free for a far longer time period.