Beware! How Eating Junk Food Shrinks Your Brains

You are what you eat, but have you ever thought about the impacts of your food habits? If you have never thought before, it is now time to start thinking. The food market is packed densely with countless varieties of junk foods. People of all age groups love these food groups. From cookies and cakes to pizzas and burgers and from chips and samosas to noodles and chocolates, they are integral elements of all the pantries.

While you cannot count junk food as evil, overdoing on these highly processed foods does harm to your body. They are packed with zero nutrients and high calories, leading to unwanted weight gain and poor health.

Eating Junk Food Affects Child's Health

A study that appeared in the Public Health Nutrition journal suggests that indulging in junk food could up the risk of depression. The study reveals that people who choose these foods over healthy foods have 51% higher chances of developing depression than non-consumers.

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The impacts of junk food on your wealth are really lethal with a latest study suggesting that it could shrink the size of your brain. Read on to know more about this…

Junk Food And Brain – The Relationship Is An Inverse One!

Eating Junk Food Shrinks Your Brains

Yes! Studies have proven that brain shares a retrograde relationship with junk food. It affects the synapses of the brain, thereby impacting the activities related to learning and memory. According to the results of an animal study that appeared in the Nature, rats that were fed with fat from junk food showed poor competency in completing the maze.

Yet another study conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The study suggested that people are not aware of how many calories they consume when they indulge in junk food. According to the study that appeared in 2013 in the JAMA Pediatrics, teens and kids consume somewhere between 160 to 300 calories more by eating junk food.

The most recent study was conducted at the Deakin University School of Medicine in Geelong, Australia. According to this particular research, regular consumption of junk foods like aerated drink, processed meats, and salty snacks affects the learning and memory center of the brain in a major way. Even though the study group comprised of adults above the age of 60, the professionals suggest that the results can be extrapolated to all the age groups.


According to Felice Jacka, an associate professor who lead the study, “We have known for some time that components of diet, both healthy and unhealthy, have a rapid impact on aspects of the brain that affect hippocampal size and function, but up until now these studies have only been done in rats and mice. This is the first study to show that this also appears to be the case for humans.”

The study that appeared in the journal BMC Medicine was conducted by measuring the size of the hippocampi of the brain using magnetic resonance imaging. According to the MRI results, people who indulged in junk foods had smaller left hippocampi than those who ate healthy foods. The hippocampus of the brain plays a key role in memory development and learning.

So, can you actually come out of the clutches of junk food? The answer is yes. Here are some tips you could try!

  1. Avoid buying any and all foods that contain more than five ingredients in the food label.
  2. Load you plate with at least three to four colors.
  3. Break up with your eating schedule. It will take 21 days only to master the habit.
  4. Are hunger pangs attacking you? Reach out for a healthy treat.
  5. Always keep healthy foods handy.
  6. Trash your junk food and de-clutter your pantry.
  7. Exercise daily. A walk, a couple of stretches, or an aerobic exercise could help you.
  8. Reach out for a glass of water when you feel like eating junk.

Finally, it’s all the mind game. Control your mind. Find out the reason for reaching out to the junk food. Once you find the root, solve it and you will be free.

The final line: The more the junk food you eat, the smaller your brain will be! So, start thinking