How Divya Sitopaladi Churna Is Useful For Bronchitis

It is quite well known that using natural and herbal remedies are best suited for treating various human ailments. These remedies bring effective and lasting relief from common and serious ailments and there is no risk of side effects which are caused by OTC drugs. Those who suffer from cough, cold and ailments like bronchitis should opt for herbal remedies in particular. In this context, the Divya Sitopaladi Choorna is a very suitable choice. Made by the Ayurvedic formulations of Divya Yog Pharmacy of Swami Ramdev, this is a wonderful product for cough and allied ailments.

Divya Sitopaladi Churna

Why Take Divya Sitopaladi Choorna To Fight Cough And Bronchitis?

You may benefit by taking Divya Sitopaladi Choorna for treating ailments like cough and bronchitis. It is made up of natural herbs that have proven healing expectorant properties. Taking the product helps in clearing nasal passages and lung congestions. People afflicted with respiratory problems will get effective relief by using this formulation. It is safe for usage by adults and children. Besides, it helps boost your immunity to an extent thereby making you less vulnerable to cold and ailments.

Usage of Divya Sitopaladi Choorna helps eradicate excess mucus from the body’s respiratory cells, leading to relief from cough and congestion. The formulation essentially nourishes your respiratory organs. It is also said to be effective in giving relief to victims of asthma. The formulation is also good for your digestive tract. So, overall it offers a number of health benefits.

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The Ingredients Used in Divya Sitopaladi Choorna

The main ingredients used in Divya Sitopaladi Choorna are:

  • Bamboo manna
  • Rock candy
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom
  • Pippali

These herbs have proven therapeutic properties and the blend works well in relieving cough and cold symptoms in both genders. These ingredients are first dried and made into finely ground powder. They are then blended in specific proportions to make the formulation. After the blend is prepared, it is stored in airtight container or packs to evade the risk of oxidation. It can bring relief from wet and dry cough. People from various age groups can use this product.

How To Use Divya Sitopaladi Choorna

To get the maximum results from this Ayurvedic formulation, you will need to use it in a proper way. You should take 2 teaspoonful of Divya Sitopaladi Choorna a day. This can be continued for months. You should preferably ingest it with honey or water. You can find this effective Ayurvedic formulation in many online shops nowadays. Besides, it is also sold from the distribution centres of Divya Yog Pharmacy nowadays.

Is There Any Drawbacks?

Since this is an herbal formulation made with herbs and ingredients with healing properties, the risk of side effect is very low. However, you may still talk with a paediatrician before giving it to a kid. Refrain from ingesting it on an empty stomach. Doing so may lead to possibility of stomach upset and so have it after meals or having some food. People with diabetes may take it sparingly since cinnamon may affect blood glucose levels.