How Ginger Helps You Lose Weight

Ginger is one of the most popularly used herbs. This Indian spice is used very commonly as an essential constituent of home remedies for minor health issues. It is one of those health foods that provide health punch through the numerous health benefits for mind and body. For the medicinal properties, ginger is used as an essential spice as well as a preservative and flavouring agent in numerous Asian dishes. Besides, ginger is also filled with essential oils like zingiberene, cineol, farnesene, and citral.

Ginger & Health Benefits

The conventional medicinal therapies involved unending use of ginger for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders like gas, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, and colic. As a matter of fact, ginger is also an important constituent of modern medicinal technology. It is used for treatment of vomiting and nausea resulting due to motion sickness, pregnancy or cancer chemotherapy.

Studies have revealed that in addition to being a curative ingredient of home remedies for minor health ailments, ginger can work wonders with cholesterol thus averting the formation of clots in blood.

ginger for weight-loss

Ginger & Weight Loss

Ginger also shows outstanding results for weight loss in the following ways:

Supports Digestion

Ginger aids weight loss by improving digestion through stimulation of digestive enzymes. Moreover, the high fibre content also improves gastrointestinal motility. A mishmash of the two effects implies quick absorption of essential nutrients and equally fast excretion of non-essential foods leading to bloating and constipation.

With an efficient digestive mechanism, the eaten food can be processed more efficiently, thus contributing to efficient weight loss.

Adding further, an effective digestive mechanism implies the maximum use of energy stores of the body, thus utilizing the glucose and the stored body fat optimally.

Improves Metabolism

Being a thermogenic agent, ginger helps in burning body fat. This is for the fact that ginger increases the metabolism rate, thus aiding weight loss a great deal. As per a report provided by a survey, ginger increases the metabolic rate by as much as 20%. Increased metabolic rate implies breaking down of stored fat in the body, thus leading to weight loss as well as reduction of cholesterol. It also reduces the level of triglycerides by breaking down all the stored up body fat.

Improves Satiety

It is a common fact that ginger aids weight loss by improving the rate of metabolism. Well, the latest medicinal fact related to ginger is that it controls hunger levels and the calories burnt as well. Studies have revealed that ginger produces effective weight loss results by improving the satiety level after every meal.

Putting it simple, ginger aids weight loss by providing a feeling of satisfaction and fullness after every meal. By holding back the desire for food, extra calorie intake can be prevented thus providing efficient weight loss.

Weight Loss Ginger Recipes

Ginger is obtainable in fresh form as well as in the form of dried roots. The usage of ginger vitiates ginger tea preparation and as an ingredient of different dishes.

Ginger is also an herbal supplement and is available in the form of capsules, extracts, oils and tinctures.

In addition to weight loss benefits, ginger is also beneficial for diabetes patients as it controls the level of blood sugar.
There is no specific dose of ginger for weight loss, 4g, however, being the upper limit for a day. For pregnant ladies, this limit should not exceed 1g a day.

However, it is worth noting that ginger is not recommended for infants under 2 years of age. Also, adults taking supplements or other drugs on a regular basis should take ginger only after a physician’s expert advice.