How Goji Berries Is A Superfood For Your Body

The praises of goji berries have been sung since time unknown. Ancient Chinese medicine used these tiny fruits to cure a wide array of ailments, including renal conditions. Considered as a herb as well as fruit, these little treasure troves of goodness are normally found in Europe and Asia.

These fruits are rich sources of antioxidants and are known to be beneficial in lowering the risk of cancer. Even though there is a dearth of evidences to support its claims as the “tiny fountains of youth”, the benefits of these are so well-known that they outdo the lack of support.

goji berries

These little powerhouses of benefits are quite unique as they are the richest sources of protein among the fruits. They also contain all the essential amino acids along with a fabulous presence of carotenoids. The presence of 21 trace minerals along with lush vitamin C and iron make these berries truly super foods. Goji berries are also the home to minerals such as selenium, zinc, and calcium.

Blessed with powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, these antioxidant fruits contain a wider array of polysaccharides good for your immunity power. Read to know more about the benefits these little ones proved the mankind.

This amazing little superfruit also contains natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds. Their powerful antioxidant properties and polysaccharides help to boost the immune system. It’s no wonder then, that in traditional Chinese medicine they are renowned for increasing strength and longevity.

Super Benefits of Goji Berries For Human Health

1. Helps In Managing Cholesterol Levels

Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is present in human body innately, but when the levels of the bad cholesterol or Low Density lipoprotein exceed the admissible limits, is harmful. It forms structures akin to plaques and deposits itself on the walls of the arteries, preventing the smooth flow of blood. This in turn leads to various cardiovascular conditions such as arteriosclerosis. According to numerous studies, goji berries contain compounds that could lower the levels of cholesterol in blood. Regular intake of these berries could also help in regulating the levels of bad cholesterol and improving the levels of good cholesterol.

2. Powerful Antioxidant Properties

Free Radicals

You are exposed to countless chemicals and pollutants now. The harsh rays of the sun worsen up the woes. All these triggers pave way for an increase in the levels of free radicals in human body, These free radicals, if left uncared, could damage the cells and DNA, leading to various chronic conditions. According to various research findings, these berries contain powerful antioxidants that could scavenge the free radicals, improve your immunity powers, and lower the risk of various health conditions.

3. Lowers The Risk of Cancer


Traditional Chinese medicine had been using these tiny berries to treat cancer. And, various experiments conducted on these fruits suggest that they indeed possess anti-cancerous properties. Along with being a powerful source of multitude of antioxidants, these fruits also contain vitamin C, the combined effect of which could help in curbing the growth of cancerous cells. It was observed during the studies that administration of the extracts of these fruits killed the cancer cells in no time.

4. Good For Diabetics

insulin levels

Uncontrolled diabetes is the root to various major lifestyle disorders like stroke, arteriosclerosis, and even multiple scelrosis. Studies reveal that the hypoglycemic properties of goji berries could help in lowering and regulating the levels of glucose on blood, thereby controlling diabetes.

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5. Take Care of Cardiovascular System

Heart Palpitations

The health of cardiovascular system is compromised if the free radicals are left unhandled. Excessive levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose also pose danger to the heart health. Studies reveal that goji berries have the potential to manage all these perils, thus ensuring cardiovascular health.

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6. Ensures Brain Health

Memory Improvement

The free radicals cause oxidative damages that hamper the functioning of brain cells, neurons. This paves way for the slow degeneration of the brain, leading to various neurodegenerative health conditions. Studies suggest that regular intake of goji berries could prevent these damages and hence can be used as a potential way to prevent age-related cognitive disorders.

7. Improves Skin Health

Flawless Skin

Skin loses it moisture, luster, and radiance when exposed to the harsh UV radiation for a long time. Excessive use of chemicals and cosmetics also lead to the degeneration of skin health, ultimately allowing the premature setting in of ageing signs. Inclusion of these tiny fruits in your diet helps in protecting the skin from the damages and delaying its ageing process. These berries ease the inflammation and locks in the moisture, making your skin look glowing and younger.

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8. Good For The Liver


Goji berries shields the liver from free radical induced damages. It also helps in detoxifying the liver. It was also a very vital ingredient used in ancient Chinese medicine to ease various liver conditions.

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9. Innate Aphrodisiac Properties

Sex life

Goji berries, when consumed regularly, could help in improving the sperm count and quality. It is also a natural aphrodisiac that helps in revitalizing the sexual life.

10. Improves Vision

improve eyesight

The antioxidant properties of goji berries shield the eyes from damages induced by free radicals. Thus, they improve the vision while preventing conditions such as cataracts.

However, not everyone can relish goji berries. Studies suggest that people who are using drugs such as warfarin should check with their doctor. If you are using hypoglycemic medication, then avoid overdoing on these berries. Eat the berries as such or powder them and whip it in your shakes and smoothies.