How Is Zumba Effective For Weight Loss

Zumba is a dance-cum-exercise form whose origin can be traced back to the mid 90s. While it was, during the initial days, a mix of aerobics with various types of dance forms like salsa, rumba, and samba, today zumba is a fuse of assorted dance forms including jazz and hip hop. There are many zumba practice centers that offer routines with resistance training also.

It is a great aerobic exercise and a fun way to shed those excess calories. Plus, you do not have to be a pro when it comes to dancing. Let us take a closer look at how zumba classes work and how you can include it in your weight loss regimen.

How does a zumba class work?

Zumba for Weight Loss

A typical zumba class lasts for 60 minutes and has a warm up and wind up session which is intended to do away with the inflammation and muscle pulls. Warming up before this high intensity workout session is important to ensure that you are not prone to injuries.

It is a perfect place of anyone and everyone out there, irrespective of the age, sex, body type, and race. If you are pretty conscious about your looks, then a zumba class could be one place you could live yourself completely while toning your body.

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Does Zumba help you lose weight?

Yes, being a cardiovascular exercise by nature, this dancing form definitely is a good fat burning and metabolism reviving solution. The good news here is that the environment is pretty peppy and happy that it helps in alleviating stress to a certain extent, which is a crucial factor when it comes to weight loss.

The fun and effort elements are so beautifully balanced in this form of exercise regimen that even the laziest of the people are lured to come back again and again. However, the effectiveness of Zumba classes for weight loss depends on the fitness quotient of the person as well as the intensity of each class.

According to various studies, a typical one hour zumba class helps in burning anywhere between 500 to 800 calories.

How does Zumba help you lose weight?

Zumba helps a person lose weight in the following ways!

  1. Revives your metabolism levels!

It is pretty fast-paced. Plus, it is a good cardiovascular regimen as it comprises various types of dance forms. And, when you indulge in cardiovascular regimen, your metabolism gets a boost. The higher your metabolic rate is, the better your weight loss will be.

  1. Helps in toning your body

Zumba is a whole-body exercise regimen that encourages you to keep your body moving in sync with the rhythm of the music. It also encompasses moves like twists and squats that work on various muscles of the body, burning the excess fat stored there, and toning the entire body.

  1. It alleviates stress and eases depression!

Stress degrades your weight loss process and many people suggest that moving your body to the music is one of the favorite ways to eliminate stress. Zumba works on this principle. The various upbeat moves in this workout stimulates the release of the happy hormone, endorphin, helping you melt away all those worries and stress. It also uplifts your mood and wards off depression.

  1. It keeps you motivated!

Working out in a group is known to yield better results than working out at home. While there is a tendency to showcase a little competitiveness, it could take a beneficial form if you are overly competitive. Working out in a group keeps your spirits high, only to boost up your weight loss results.

  1. It helps in boosting your eating consciousness!

Wondering how? Just keep reading…

You need to be very attentive in the class. A small mistake and you could end up injuring yourself or your batch mate. You can take this consciousness way ahead into your eating regimen. Eating consciously helps you to eat lesser quantity of food. Studies reveal that mindful eating the key to healthy weight loss and maintaining it for a longer period.

But zumba classes alone cannot help in weight loss. Regular practice of zumba along with a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, quality protein and whole grains plus adequate sleep is essential to ensure that you attain your weight loss goals.

Zumba classes are ideal for anyone who wants to shed their excess fat and tone themselves. But regular practice is essential to ensure that you reap its fat burning benefits. Just spend one hour a day enjoying, having fun, and losing weight… So what are you waiting for?

Get set go…