How To Deal With a Pregnant Mother

When you find out your mother is pregnant, the first feeling is obviously excitement. However, after that comes some complex emotions that you may feel guilty about. As you see your mom go, through certain changes and see that being reflected in everyone in the family, you may even feel annoyed at certain times. But remember that in a few months’ time you will have a baby brother or baby sister to play and share your childhood with. Here are a few tips that will help you get through those 9 months.

Understand That There Will Be Changes

When your mother is pregnant, if there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that she will periodically go through changes. Your mother will grow bigger and there will be lots of changes around the house too. The nursery will be repainted and your family will start preparing for the baby’s arrival. Help in setting up the nursery. If you have some toys you loved when you were little, set it aside for your baby sibling so that it can become their favourite too!

The First Trimester

There are a few things you will notice during the first three months of your mother’s pregnancy:

  • She will get sick. Most women get morning sickness, some even get nausea and vomiting tendency throughout the day. Do not worry, this is normal. Help her
  • She will pee more often.
  • She will tire out very easily. Be a little understanding and do not get angry or upset if she cannot participate in activities as much she used to. Also remember this has got nothing to do with her giving you less attention. She is simply tired easily in her condition.

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The Second Trimester

In the second trimester, the following changes are pronounced in pregnant women:

  • Your mother will grow fat. Her belly will start to grow, probably even disproportionately so to make room for your baby brother. Be sympathetic to her and try to support her to go through these changes.
  • She might feel dizzy, so be patient when she takes time in climbing stairs. Do not push or egg her on to go faster. Offer her a glass of water and ask her to lie down if she seems too dizzy.
  • She may get leg cramps, ask her to sit down and massage her calf or draw a warm or ice bath for her. Make her drink lots of fluids.
  • She may get back pain. Offer to carry heavy things for her. If she drops something, pick it up for her.

The Third Trimester

The third semester is very important for your mother and the baby. Here are the important changes that characterize this time of development:

  • She will continue to grow even bigger and her ankles and arms may swell.
  • She may be short of breath. Encourage her to maintain good posture that will allow her lungs to stretch more.
  • She may get heartburn. Encourage the whole family to eat healthy meals and avoid fatty, fried and spicy foods. This will alleviate her indigestion and acid reflux.

The Birth And After

This is the culmination of nine months of development. You have to go to the hospital and stay there for some time. Be very supportive and try to keep your mother happy. Help her pack things before going to the hospital. Even small gestures like holding her hand can comfort her. The birthing process is not exactly a very pleasant experience. If you are not comfortable, stay away from your mother’s room. If you become nervous, it will worry your mother even more.

After the baby is born, you can go visit them. A lot of your family members would do that too. Be patient with your mom who will be weak for a while.

The baby will need lots of love to grow into a wonderful person. Give them all you can. A supportive sibling is the best thing a growing girl or boy can have.

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Some Tips

Here are tips you can follow to make your pregnant mother happy:

  • Help her whenever you can
  • Calm her nerves if she gets nervous
  • Help her friends throw a baby shower
  • Ask if you can hold the baby
  • Play with the baby