How To Prevent Breast Sagging Post Pregnancy

The fluctuating hormones change a woman’s physique during and after pregnancy. And, her twin assets are the most affected ones. The breasts undergo a massive change, in terms of shape, size, and positioning. Breasts grow up in size during pregnancy, but for some it comes back to the original size or becomes smaller as they wind up lactation. In others, they retain the pregnancy-size.

Breasts Sag After Pregnancy Due To Two Major Reasons.

  1. The skin holding the tissues of the breast lose their elasticity
  2. The sudden change in the volume of the breasts

While genetics plays a major role in determining the way the skin holds a woman’s breast, there are certain things you could do to prevent and restore sagging breasts. Read on to know what those are.

Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregnancy

9 Ways To Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregnancy

1. Wear Your Bra Right

Invest in a good bra, during and after pregnancy, to support your breasts. Your breasts keep changing its shape and size during each trimester and well later into the lactation period as well. Hence, the same bra will not do the job every time. There is no single size that would serve you throughout the changing period. Ensure that the fitting is right and your bra is giving you the right support. If you are exercising, then make sure you have a sturdy and supporting sports bra that come with cleavage improve qualities.

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2. Take Care of Your Pregnancy Weight Gain

A sudden surge in the weight causes an increase in the fatty tissue present in the breasts. This, along with milk secretion and hormonal changes, cause your breasts to sag. Hence be a little careful with your weight gain. Try to stick within the accepted range of 10 to 12 kg.

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3. Keep Your Posture Right While Breastfeeding

Never lean over your baby as you nurse her. Use a nursing pillow or some other support system so that you are not bending forward. You can place a couple of pillows on your lap to bring your baby close to you. It prevents you from slouching and also shields your breasts from sagging.

4. Keep A Watch On Your Sitting And Sleeping Postures

Pregnancy and post natal periods are quite grueling and tiresome and you will have the tendency to close your eye towards your postures. But studies suggest that women who slouch and sleep on their tummies experience more sagging than others. Keep a pillow to support your breasts while sleeping. You could also place adequate support for your back, if you experience back pain while sitting erect.

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5. Shed Your Baby Weight Slow

Go slow when it comes to shelling out those excess pounds you packed during pregnancy. It is okay to take it slow or else you would end up compromising your skin’s elasticity. Give your breasts enough time to repair and recuperate so that it will be able to restore itself.

6. Moisturize Generously

Shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and almond oil are natural emollients that you could use to restore and lock in the hydration levels of the skin around the breasts. The moisturizers also trigger collage formation, thereby improving the elasticity and resilience of the skin.

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7. Massaging Is Good

There are numerous massages you could try to prevent the breasts from sagging. Alternate between cold and hot water showers as you take bath to tone and lighten the skin surrounding the breasts. Massaging the breasts with ice cubes for 45 seconds alternating with warm towel compress would also do the job. Finish with ice cube massage. You could also use essential oils and vegetable oils like olive oil or sesame oil to massage your breasts.

8. Exercise Regularly

Exercises such as push-ups and chest press help in uplifting your chest muscles, toning your sagging breasts. The larger the pectoral muscles are, the lesser the sagging of the breasts will be. Toning and strengthening the core and back muscles would also improve your posture, allowing your breasts to become less saggy.

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9. Eat Right

Choose a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and good proteins along with adequate doses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to improve the skin health and elasticity. Ensure that your food includes vitamin E and vitamin B in generous amounts to allow the breasts to revive themselves.

Did your breasts sag after pregnancy? What did you do to prevent and restore the sagging breasts?

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