How To Pick The Right Maternity Bra?

With pregnancy, a woman starts her journey to the wonderful phase of life called motherhood! However, with pregnancy your body starts changing in unprecedented ways and several physiological developments take place. Just like it is important to keep watch on foods you eat in pregnancy, it is equally important to wear suitable attire that is suited for optimum comfort. This is also applicable for inner garments. Choosing the right types of maternity bra is absolutely important for women after conceiving. It is not tedious, but you need to think of primary needs and usage while shopping for such bras.

Maternity Bra

When you should shop for maternity bras

As pregnancy sets in, you will witness changes in the body, including protruding tummy and developing and tender breasts. You will find the regular bras are no longer sufficient to hold the enlarged and tender breasts and the experience will be discomforting. This can happen around 16 weeks, but for some women, the timeline may be a little different. When you find the existing bras tighter and weight of breasts, increasing, shop for suitable maternity bras. You may see regular bars, leaving marks on the body and that is the time to begin hopping for maternity bras.

Aspects to think of when you buy maternity bras

Buying maternity bras that fit your changing body can be a little tedious compared to regular bras, as it is. You need to be careful about certain aspects when shopping for bras to wear during pregnancy and after childbirth.

  • Support– Your breasts will become fuller and heavier as pregnancy progresses. Therefore, you should shop for maternity bras that are comfortable and supportive enough to cater to the additional weight and dimension. It makes sense to opt for a maternity bra that is equipped with wide straps so that it can be used to adjust to the breast. It will not put pressure on your sides and shoulders either.
  • Comfort– You need to buy maternity bras that fit you snugly and you stay comfortable for long hours. Buying cotton based bras is ideal because this fabric is skin friendly. It will ensure your skin pores do not get clogged. When breast milk starts leaking that can make the bras moist. Cotton based bras are less prone to get affected by bacteria when they remain wet.
  • Style– Just because you are pregnant, it does not mean your style sense should fly out of the window! You can shop for maternity bras that have lace patterns and design that complements your fuller look.

Options available for women shopping for maternity bras

There are plenty of options for picking a suitable maternity bra. You should buy a couple of nursing bras if breastfeeding the infant is fine with you. These bras can be used throughout pregnancy and even after childbirth, making them more flexible and economical too. These bras have flaps that facilitate breastfeeding easily.

You may also buy a few maternity sleep bras. These are meant for supporting the breast at night while facilitating optimum comfort. These bras also do not pose problems to easy movements on the bed when you sleep.

Tips that you can benefit from

You should ideally buy quite a few maternity bras. After childbirth and while breastfeeding, they can get stained easily, especially those with lighter colours. Replacing them can be necessary more than once in a day. While buying the bras, ensure the fabric is suitable for both machine and hand wash.

You may compare a few bras online for using during pregnancy and after delivery. Go through a few online reviews to ensure you purchase the most apt models.