How To Prevent Sudden Weight Gain

Unexpected gain could trigger that alarm which you had kept buzzing for a while. And, the most common reason behind this is stress. According to a research, chronic high stress causes weight gain. But there is a good news. You can now prevent your sudden weight surge with some simple and effective tips mentioned below.

Preventing The Sudden Weight Gain

1. Take Care of Water Retention

Packaged Foods

Increase sodium intake is related to water retention induced weight gain. The ideal way would be to eliminate or cut down the intake of processed and deep fried foods. Eliminating caffeinated and aerated drinks would also help in preventing fluid retention. Up your water intake as it eliminates fluids from body.

2. Go Easy With Holiday Foods

Food Pushers

It is quite normal for any individual to loosen the reins of your diet while holidaying. But beware of the fact that careless munching leads to holiday weight, especially if you are sedentary during the entire period. So it is advisable to go easy when it comes to holiday delicacy.

3. Eat More Fruits

Eat More Fruits

Fruit juices are good only if they are prepared and consumed then and there. The ones that come packed in attractive tetra packs contain zero nutrients and good elements essential for your health. In fact, people who consume fruit juice report a weight gain as against losing it. Opt for fresh, whole fruits to reap in the nutrients and fiber, thereby setting the stage for healthy weight loss.

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4. Avoid Emotional Eating

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Never eat when you are emotional. Emotions does more damage than good. That one bite of chocolate or a munch of pizza would be enough.
When you are happy, the intake of sugary foods increases the levels of your feel good hormone, dopamine. But the effect lasts for a few minutes only. What follows is a major crash down of energy that would prompt you to eat more. It is a vicious cycle that leads to overeating, and thus weight gain.
The case is quite similar when you are under negative emotions such as stress or anger. The brain secretes cortisol in excessive amounts that prevents the conversion of do absorbed into energy. In fact, it is stored up as fat. The result would be a higher number on the scale.
Wait till you come back to a balanced state before you eat!

5. Exercise Every Day


A healthy exercise regimen is essential to ensure that your metabolism levels are normal. If you are trying to shed those excess pounds, then make sure that you workout at least 4 days a week. Include a combination of workout regimen. An great workout style would be a combo of walking, weights, and yoga that complement each other and prevents the sudden surge in your weight.

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6. Manage Your Stress

Music For Stress Management

Stress, as mentioned in the beginning, is a key trigger for weight gain. Learn to relax and unwind. A stroll in the park, breathing exercises, yoga, meditations, and chanting help in releasing the stress. You could also deviate your mind by allowing yourself to indulge in activities that you like such as painting or listening to some music.

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7. Watch Out Your Medications


Various NSAIDs, oral contraceptive drugs, hormonal therapies, diabetic medicines, and antidepressants cause fluid retention, in turn, causing weight gain. Check with your doctor if you suspect your medication could be the reason behind this weight gain.

8. Eat Consciously

eating infront of tv

Focus on what you eat. And to do this, you must be aware of what is in your plate. Switch off your television. Keep that book and phone away. Eat with your hand. Chew every bite thoroughly. This will not only help you to eat less, but also ensure that digestive juices are secreted to ensure proper digestion. When your food is properly digested, there is very less chances of gaining weight.

9. Get Your Zzz’s Right


Sleep shares a very deep relationship with weight gain. You should give your body sufficient amount of rest so that it could recuperate. So try to sleep for 6 to 8 hours daily.

Unfortunately, there are times when you cannot prevent sudden weight gain! So just take it easy!