5 Ways To Wow Your Guests

If you’re planning to have a special guest over or even a full-fledged party, you might be thinking about ways that you can wow your guests. What can you do to leave a lasting impression they’ll always remember? It’s important to create the right atmosphere so everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed at your party but you also want to have something special to offer that your guests won’t be expecting.

Be Ready before Your Guest Arrive

No one wants to be the first to get to a party before the host is finished preparing for the guests but you don’t want to arrive late either. This can make it a little uncomfortable or stressful for some people as they imagine waiting uncomfortably for someone to talk to that isn’t running around like a crazy person.

When you have everything ready and you’re prepared to put your full attention on your guests, they’ll be impressed. If you have last minute things that need attending, have someone else take care of them for you so you can give your guests your undivided attention. It’ll also take a lot of stress off of you so you can enjoy your party more.

Choose the Right Lighting

The right kind of lighting can go a long ways in making a good impression on your guests and help everyone get in the mood to have a good time. You want the main area to be bright enough for everyone to see well but not so bright that it’s uncomfortable. Dim your lights to create a soft, relaxed environment and your guests will talk about how comfortable they felt for months.

Set Up a Mini Bar

Have a mini bar (with bartender) set up and ready for your guests. As soon as they’re ready for another round, they’ll love the fact that someone is paying attention and offering them a refill without them having to ask for it. Just make sure you have non-alcohol beverages available for the designated drivers and your guest bedroom ready for anyone that may need to spend the night. You don’t want your friends driving after having a couple drinks.

Fancy Bathroom Decor

From matching plush floor mats to black toilet paper, there are a variety of ways to spruce up your powder room and really impress your guests. Decorative mirrors and small water fountains add a little touch of class to your bathroom and plants can enhance any decor.

Play Music in the Background

The right tunes can help your guests relax and feel welcome but no one wants to strain to talk and hear over it. Choose music for your party that suits the theme for the party and keep the music playing softly in the background. It may seem like a simple thing but music has a way of making everything seem better. It’ll help your guests feel comfortable and they’ll be impressed that you seem to have thought of everything.

When your guests feel welcome and comfortable, it creates the right atmosphere for having a good time and that’s something they’ll remember for a very long time. When people talk about the party you hosted, they’ll remember how you blew them away with your undivided attention as soon as they arrived or how the lighting and music playing softly in the background set the right mood for the occasion. It’s a great feeling to know you created that wow factor for your guests and it’s easier to do than you might have imagined.