How Do I Get Rid of a Shadow Person

A shadow person is a paranormal entity, which has an image of a shadow. This means that you cannot clearly see their physical form but can definitely feel their presence. There is no proof until date that shadow persons exist. Science scholars have repeatedly rejected the concept of shadow person. However, people who have experienced this form of paranormal activity have a different story to tell. Probably some things are beyond the field of science. However, there are various scientists studying the philosophy of a soul being there inside a body. Some have even performed experiments concluding that a person dies the soul does not die. It exits the body and goes into afterlife.

People who have had near death experiences have further validated this point. They have shared their experience of their souls coming out of their body and being drawn to a white light before coming back to the body when they gin consciousness. Some of them have even reportedly experienced talking to a higher power who has asked them to go back. Now of course there is no “real” scientific way to validate their claim but there have been lot of inexplicable findings that further mystify the subject.

According to some scholars when you die, your soul has an afterlife and it goes into hell or heaven also known as realms. The lower realms are for bad souls and higher realms are for good souls. However, some souls do not take any path and wish to remain in the physical world. These souls become ghosts or shadow persons. However according to many experts not all shadow persons or paranormal entity are bad souls. Some of them might be good souls also. Some souls choose to remain on earth because of their loved ones.

How Do I Get Rid of a Shadow Person

Thus if you see a shadow person it might also be your recently deceased family member who wants to give you a message. However, be very careful if your feel the presence of a shadow person. The reason you should understand this is because it gives you strength if you know the source of it.

Now that you have a little more clear understanding of what is a shadow person let us try to look at solutions on how you can get rid of them – if you want to get rid of them, that is.

Be Strong

First thumb rule when you are dealing with a shadow person is to be strong. Shadow persons are known to hound people who are weak. If you are weak they can overpower you and since in the afterlife world it is not about your physical strength, having a strong body may not help you here. You need to be mentally strong. It is said that those in your family who are mentally and emotionally weak are more prone to see or experience a shadow person. A shadow person is like an outsider and your mind and body is like a house that it wants to possess. Unlike in the real world where you can shoo off a person trying to enter your house with strength, here your only weapon is your mind. So make your mind strong. There are various techniques to do this. Doing positive affirmations would be a good way. Shadow person draw their energy from your negativity. So more scared you are more prone you will be to experience paranormal activity.


If you are mentally strong enough, communicate with the shadow person. Communication solves the problem. Sometimes a shadow person only wants to communicate to you something and pass an important message. If they are good souls, they will listen to you and if they are bad souls, they may react to it. Do not react back as this may give strength to the soul. However, boldly confront them if you want them to leave you alone. When you talk back to the shadow person, it surprises them, as they do not expect this from you. They may however retaliate to this. If they retaliate you might have to take help from a paranormal group who are experts at handling this.

Rock Salt

Rock salt in water has been an age-old method of neutralizing negativity. In many cultures like the Asian culture, you will find a bowl of water mixed with rock salt kept outside the house to absorb negativity. Keep a bowl of water mixed with rock salt in a glass or a glass bowl in different parts of the room. You can also use copper bowl. Copper also has the property of absorbing negativity.

Faith in a Higher Power

Since a shadow person draws the negative energy from you, you will be drained out. People who have experienced paranormal activity will tell you that they feel drained out after such an experience. Therefore, you need to draw power from a higher source by connecting yourself to it. It could be in the form of prayers or affirmations or certain beliefs, go to your higher power or angels and seek help. Most importantly, have faith that higher power has more strength than a negative energy in the form of a shadow person.


You might be thinking that this would make you sound insane. Some psychiatrists are even studying the relevance of paranormal activity in the field of psychology. So find some one who has expertise in the field of psychology and souls or after life at the same time.