How Often Should You Change Your Baby’s Cloth Diaper?

It is time for the change. And then the next one… and then the next! If you are a new mom, then you will really be shocked at the pace with which you are changing the diapers of your newborn. This is definitely a worrisome issue for the first timers, especially if cloth diapers are being used. Unchanged, damp diapers could trigger rashes and infections. So, it is very essential to know how often you should change the diaper. But before we tell you about the frequency, let us take a look at the pluses and minuses of using a cloth diaper.

The Pros and Cons of Using Cloth Diapers

There was a time when only cloth diapers were used. But with the emergence of the convenient disposable ones, the debate is sure to remain forever.

Fold Your Baby's Cloth Diaper

The Good

  1. Economical given the consideration of long-term usage
  2. Easily washed and dried
  3. Soft on your baby’s bum
  4. Free from chemicals
  5. Environment friendly
  6. Reusable

The Bad

  1. More chances of leaking
  2. Time-consuming process as you need to learn how to use them the right way and wash them properly
  3. Might be bulkier when compared to the disposable diapers
  4. If you are outside, then you might have to carry the soiled ones with you!

How Often Should You Change Cloth Diapers?

It is perfectly fine if you decide to use a mix of cloth and disposable diapers, but the question remains the same. How many diapers would you need to change in a day and how frequently? Well, according to mom and doctors across the world, you will have to change 12 diapers on an average daily. But all babies are different and hence the total number of diapers used can vary. There is no hard and fast rules that you should be changing only 12 a day. Here are some useful insights that could give you a rough idea of what to expect!

The Basics

Change the cloth diapers more frequently as they are free from the super absorbent polymer present in the disposable versions. Always keep a check on the wetness level of the diaper. If you still want a rough idea, then ensure that you change the cloth diaper one in two hours to avoid infections.

Always ensure that your baby is awake while change the diaper. A sleeping baby will wake up as soon as she wets the diaper, and you can change it. Then, put her back to sleep.

Changing The Cloth Diapers


A newborn is expected to keep wetting the diaper intermittently for the first 2 to 3 days. Once you start breastfeeding her, then the frequency goes up, and you might find yourself changing the diaper even in 30 minutes. Once both of you settle down into a comfortable routine, then you will be able to guess the right frequency of change.

Change As Soon As Your Baby Passes Stools!

The frequency of your baby’s potty keeps changing for the first couple of weeks. She could even poo after every feeding session also. So, keep an eye on her potty and change the soiled diaper immediately!

Change In The Morning And Before Bedtime!

Change the cloth diaper, irrespective of its condition, as soon as she wakes up in the morning. Repeat the same process before you put her to sleep at night. The frequency of changing the diapers in between depends on the two factors mentioned above. You might also have to keep an eye during the night to check if she has made her diaper wet.

The diaper changing frequency varies as your baby grows up. There are no steadfast rules or guidelines that would actually tell you this. It is more of an intuition combined with experience that would help you judge the best. So be careful and stay safe!