How To Add More Colors To Your Wardrobe

Haven’t you updated your wardrobe? Do you think your wardrobe looks boring? Well you just need to add more color to it then. Everyone wants a little change in their daily life so adding little more colors in your wardrobe can be a great start as colors reflects cheerfulness and happy atmosphere.

Color is the most important component of your look and it’s the most economical way to freshen your wardrobe. And with the season change you need to have wardrobe according to the seasons and the colors representing it. There are many simple ways to fill more color to the wardrobe. You may be confused about the colors that suit you, or also feel odd of wearing some bold color. But, few tricks are needed to add some splash of color without just being too bold. So try these easy ways to add more color to your wardrobe.

Bright color

1. Scarves: scarves offer endless possibilities for adding color to an outfit. You can have patterns, stripes or block colors. What’s more, scarves are cheap and found everywhere, so you can afford to have several in your wardrobe. They’re also a simple way to change an outfit. Pack some when you travel and you can easily vary a basic dress. You can find the scarves in many different fabrics as well like chiffon, georgette or woolen to suit the best with dress.

2. Jewelry: jewelries offer countless possibilities for adding a bright splash of color. You could even make one yourself to get just the right shade. Bead shops have a huge variety of tones, and you could have great fun playing around with them until you get the right combination.

3. Bags: bags with different types of shapes and color can enhance your wardrobe with a great extent. Bags play a important role in our daily life as we carry it everywhere we go be it a party or a office meeting we do make sure while carrying a bag that it matches with our dress or outfit.

4. Sunglasses: just by adding bold colored frames make big change in your wardrobe sunglasses with big and colored frames are new big thing now.

5. Layer Your Clothing Pieces: in our busy working life we tend to wear simple top and a bottom but wearing the same stuff makes it look boring so to add more fun look we end up wearing shrugs or jackets ,we basically choose soft colors at first .this adds a appeal to our wardrobe.

6. Use A Color Wheel. Color wheels helps us choose color in a huge way understanding colors is not a easy thing certain colors go well but to understand which color goes well with which is a sort of difficult task so to help it to understand there are color wheels available in the market or any other craft shop color wheel helps to understand the combinations of colors it helps to understand the matches well there are colors on opposite side of the wheels so by moving it we can choose a particular combination of our choice it is not hard to find color wheel can be easily purchased in stationery or craft shop.

7. Shoes: be it daily wear flip flops or party wear sandals shoes adds a great appeal in our wardrobe. Shoes add a perfect look on our outfit just by wearing it on jeans or the office wear shoes. It makes a great difference sports shoes flip flops sandals etc. This adds variety to your wardrobe. Colors and types of shoes also give it a chic look.

8. Lipsticks: what four colors? Pink, red, berry and some type of corral or orange color. Regardless of your skin tone, you can take these 4 colors and either warm them up, cool them off, lighten them or darken them.

9. Belts: belt is usually an important accessory these days. Belts come in various types like with big buckles or small. Bright and little unique colors add a great style statement and also gives your wardrobe a sharp and great look.

These few tips and small changes can help you to add colors to your wardrobe and make your look good and appealing.