How To Be More Attractive

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”! This is one quote that holds true when it comes to talking about attractiveness quotient. Your life definitely becomes better if your beauty quotient is upped. While being beautiful adds to attractiveness factor, that alone does not. Your health, postures, fragrance, smile, attire, and you as such determine your attractiveness quotient. Here are few tips that you can put into use to be more attractive.

1. Appreciate Yourself

Learn to appreciate yourself. You are unique; so are your qualities, features, and other factors that make you the person who you are. No other person in this Earth is 100% same as you. When you start appreciating yourself, your body, your work, your relationship, your attractiveness factor goes up. Just find out the factors that make you the unique person and note it down. The more your appreciate yourself, the better your attractiveness factor will be.

To Be More Attractive

2. Identify Your Dreams

You need not necessarily be living the life of your dreams. Find out what you want to be… what your dream is. It is absolutely good if you are already living your dream life, but if not, open up your levels of creativity and identify your dreams. Write down in clear words, in a detailed way, your expectations. When you think about these, you will be filled with more life. You will be more excited as you step closer to your dream destination, in the process becoming more and more attractive.

3. Find Your ‘Self’ Time

Looking into yourself is very important. If you have to do that, you need to set aside quality time for yourself. You do have all the time in this world when it comes to your partner, kids, or career, but when it is for you, you find that there is not even 5 minutes left. 15 minutes a day is a must to build your relationship with your inner self. Only when you are aligned with your inner, you will be able to achieve the above two points.

4. Accept Your Fears

Fears do exist and so do challenges and roadblocks. And, these are the factors that boost your confidence levels. Know them, understand them, challenge them, and overcome them. You will see the difference. You can choose either to be a captive or to be the captain. Once your self confidence levels are on the high, esteem levels go up, along with attractiveness.

5. Reward Yourself

It is your life and you are responsible for it. So, take charge of it right away. For every small positive change you bring in, reward yourself. A smile on your face will send your inner self roaring with confidence. The result, your attractiveness goes up.

6. Keep Smiling

Studies suggest that people who smile, a genuine one, are more approachable and amiable. So, if you really want to pep up that attractive factor of yours, then smile. Practice smiling by making an earnest effort by sharing a smile with every person you meet. Over the time, it will naturally come to you.

7. Keep Your Oral Health In Good Condition

An yellow grimy teeth or a bad odor can put off your attractiveness factor. Keep your teeth white while ensure that you keep bad odor away. Choose a natural solution that helps you with both. A pearly white teeth that shows up is known to help you find a soul mate.

8. Beware of Your Posture

A straight spine is an indicator of confidence and control, in turn, adding up your charisma. Even if you are standing or sitting, just ensure that your spine is erect and head is held high. Always talk to a person by looking into his/her eyes. This exudes confidence.

9. Dress Up Right

Choose your attire and shoes according to the situation. While men can have a pair of formal leather shoes coupled up some casual wear, women out there, what would be your protocol? Make sure you keep your makeup also as per the situation. Excessive makeup, according to history, is known to have spoiled relationships.

10. Smell Right

Do not overplay or underplay with your perfume. A mild one that smells rich, yet subtle is the idal one. The best choice – keep a different one to meet the demand of the scenario.

Follow these tips. Plus, indulge in a healthy diet and fitness regimen. You will automatically become more attractive.