How To Bring Back Proper Playtime

Our children’s lives are currently dominated with the latest electronic gadgets. It is becoming progressively competitive and I believe our kids are losing sight of what they actually are – Children! I mean it’s inevitable that as technology develops our kid’s playtime will also but at the rate it’s going they will have an Ipad waiting as soon as they are delivered in the hospital.

When we were young there was no such thing as a tablet or even a computer – how times have changed! It’s not a problem that our children have Ipads and Ipods, the problem comes when it becomes a competition with their friends and amongst parents.

Children shouldn’t be used as objects for parental ego boosts; their playtime should be fun and cohesive, not lonely. This article will highlight three ways in which we can bring back traditional playtime.

The Great Outdoors

kid-playing-outLife as a kid used to revolve around “playing out” after school. This sadly is no longer the case; children nowadays are more occupied with playing on their latest Ipad App instead of playing “Tig” on the street with their friends.

Back in the day, playing out after school was the highlight of the day, when that bell went to the sense of freedom was incredible.

It is the duty of us as parents to encourage our children to hit the streets once again. While the connotations of that now are much more negative than in the past, if we all suggest going out to play again for our children the myth of unsafe streets will slowly erode away.

Dolls and Sport

We need to head back to the old school people. Get your girl a doll and your boy a pair of football boots and let them loose on the streets. You have to trust your children and with that trust they will have more respect for you as parents. Don’t be frightened to let them out in the fresh air, while Ipads are great fun they won’t help your kids make friends! You will get a progressively weaker response from them and this will put a strain on the relationship.

Companies such as “A Girl for All Time” can provide your child with a lifelike doll that comes with an accompanying novel and keepsake – educational fun! You can then use the internet or local sport shops to pick up a pair of footy boots and a ball. It’s really not difficult and the benefit will be vast.

Limit their Electronic Time.

I don’t have a problem with electronic gifts; it’s a bit unrealistic to think that parents will stop buying them for their kids. Education nowadays is very much taught online and thus it may become mandatory for them to have these gadgets in the future. My advice is limit the time they spend on them in order for them to appreciate it more.

They can then play out with friends as well as electronically stimulate their minds. This is the best solution for the issue in question and if parents are firm but fair they will see the desired results.