How To Buy a Toupee

Are you suffering from hair loss? Are you embarrassed about your bald pate? If your answer is yes, a toupee could be just what you are looking for. Here are a few invaluable tips to teach you how to buy a toupee and ensure you get one that looks natural and lasts a long time.

Getting To Know What A Toupee Is

A toupee is a kind of a wig made either from natural or synthetic hair. They can be used a cover-up for minor hair loss problems as they are smaller in size as compared to a full -fledged wig. It can be used to cover small bald patches by either men or women, decreasing hairlines or thinning hair.

Plan In Advance, If You Feel You May Need One

Some men may feel embarrassed to buy a toupee, but there is no need for concern. So instead of waiting till the very last moment, when the damage is very apparent, plan for a toupee and start browsing around at the onset of the problem, in case you need to resort to it in due course of time.


Consultation Provides Insights

First consult your doctor. He should provide good insights and guide you to vendors who are reliable. A hair stylist can also be a good information source on where and from whom to purchase toupees. These could include malls, departmental stores, specialty hair salons or also online.

Be Prudent When It Comes To Selection

Selecting the right toupee, so it looks like a natural extension of your hair is tricky. Decide whether you want a natural or synthetic product. Also check the source of the materials used to make the toupee. Ask if it is anti-allergic and has been treated for the same.

Natural Look Is The Best Fit

Look out for a colour match to your hair and also see that it blends in with your hair style. This will make it look and feel natural to you and you will accept it easily. You could also get one custom made to match your hairstyle and colour. This might be a tad more expensive, but its feel and fit and colour will be as close to your normal hair. Don’t try and hide greys by opting for a darker colour instead. Stick to something that is effective for your needs and also goes well and suits your personality.

Two Might Be A Steal

It might be worthwhile to consider purchasing two toupees in the eventuality that while one goes to get cleaned, you can use the other. And since you are making the effort to purchase one, might as well get two instead and have a spare for special occasions.

Insist On Accuracy

Ensure the measurements of your head are taken accurately and all nuances of your style are discussed with the vendor, if you are getting one custom made. After the toupee is made to your specifications, it will be difficult for the merchant to make additional changes.

The need for minor adjustments always remain, and when you think that your toupee needs some alterations, you can always go to the salon and ask your stylist, who is familiar with your tastes and style to fix it for you.

Try It On

Before finalising your selection, try each one on for size and fit. The toupee should be well maintained and clean at all times to prevent any infection of the scalp. So ask the vendor to give you specific instructions and find out how to clean and maintain it. Don’t forget to ask for a warranty.

Prescription Is Useful

If you are purchasing a toupee for medical reasons such as hair loss from some illness or chemotherapy, it is possible to seek insurance. Ask your doctor to write out a prescription that advises the use of a prosthetic such as a toupee.

Invest In A Maintenance Kit

Purchase a tool kit for the cleanliness and upkeep of your toupee. You may think it is a lot less simple to give it to the dealer for cleaning, but there is nothing like doing it yourself to prevent any damage to it and keep it long lasting. Buy products such as an appropriate shampoo and conditioner, masking tape or adhesives manufactured for toupees specially and other such things you might need.


There should be no embarrassment you feel in purchasing a toupee and you should take the time to make a right decision as you will be sporting it for a long time to come.