How To Choose The Right Color For Your Tattoo

Applying tattoos are an age old practice wherein it was used as a ritual body art or as marks that will help in identification. But, it has now become a fashion statement and done to remember loved ones or as a memoir for important happenings in one’s life. It has become a medium to express one self and their emotions. While tattoos are gaining popularity, it is very important to ensure to get it done from a very reliable place and also to be sure of the materials used to make the tattoo.

To make sure that your tattoo looks good, many opt for colored ones. To help guide you to get the perfect ink color that suits your skin tone and also enhances the design, keep in mind the following.


Color Should Compliment The Design

Make sure the color and design that you have chosen matches. Do not fall for offers or discounts available. It is imperative you choose wisely, as a tattoo will be lifelong or until you decide to have it removed surgically. Go for colors only if the design needs it. Otherwise, even a single color will look good. Adding colors unnecessarily can ruin the design; try the design without colors as well and then make a decision.

Most reliable and credible tattoo parlors have experienced artists that can give you a fair idea whether the design requires color or not. Some even use computers to show you what the tattoo would look like with different colors.

Skin Tone Should Match Color

The most important factor is for the color to match your skin tone; different colors look good on different skin tone while some colors just disappear with the skin color.

It is essential to check if the color on your chosen design will compliment your skin color. Those with a darker skin complexion will have fewer color options. If you have a dark skin tone, stay away from yellows and oranges, as they will easily disappear with your skin tone; whereas colors like green, red and purple will look good on dark skin. Those with a light or a medium skin tone can use most of the available colors.

Proper Care To Avoid Fading

If compared to simple tattoos, colored ones need more after-tattoo care, as colors fade fast and need constant touch ups. Getting touch-ups can be expensive and also painful. So it is best to opt for a shaded effect in the black tattoo itself. This will make darker designs look good. It is essential to understand the composition of the colors and their outcome after they interact with the skin. Remember, sun exposure should be limited for almost a month after having a tattoo, as this can cause the color to fade.

Direct rays of the sun on a new tattoo will heat it up and the ink will smudge. The skin will then react to the ink and it will start looking faded as the colors get absorbed into the skin. This will have a huge effect on the tattoo and hence, it is essential to ensure that you do not expose your fresh tattoo to the sun after getting it. Those who are always on the move will find it difficult to maintain the colors within the tattoo and hence, it is better to avoid fancy colors.

Proper Color Combination

If you have decided to have a colored tattoo and are willing to spend time and money on the after -care as well then you must ensure that the colors complement each other. The color combination should match with the design as well to make it look exquisite. Colors like blue and purple convey sadness and depression, which if mixed with a happy design will not suit. So, you have to be sure of what you want and wish to portray through your tattoo. Colors like purple are symbolic of calmness and wisdom; whereas orange stands for energy. It is preferable to consult the tattoo artist as well for your choice of colors.

Test The Colors

Some colors can cause an allergic reaction. So, make sure the artist conducts an allergy test before inking your body. It is also advisable to consult a tattoo artist for this. Therefore, make sure you visit a parlor that believes in using non-toxic and skin-friendly inks. The parlor should use solid colors that have been tried and tested. The experience of the tattoo artist will help you chose the correct ink color for your body while keeping in mind the design. By doing a small test you can figure out how the color combination looks and can make changes if need be.

Every ink has a different composition. Today, tattoo inks are made from clay, chemicals, organic compounds and iron as well. Hence, inform the tattoo artist about all forms of allergies and reactions you suffer from. Remember, if your tattoo goes wrong, not only will the ink smudge and spoil your tattoo, you may have to seek treatment, which ranges from simple topical creams to painful steroid injections.

Choosing the right ink color can make a huge difference to your tattoo, which will be permanently etched on your skin. Use the aforementioned tips to choose the right ink color and you will love your tattoo!