How To Conquer Your Groom Speech Fears

Before delivering their big speech, every groom experiences some kind of anxiety. Here are four useful tips for helping you conquer your fears.

Planning a wedding, as we all know, is stressful enough. It is also common knowledge that nothing makes a groom more worried or fearful than having to get up in front of his new wife and wedding guests and deliver a speech that is masterful, romantic, humorous, witty and charming.

The first stage, of course, to delivering an outstanding speech is making sure the material you have for your speech is high quality. So be sure to browse around our Groom List website, where you will find some fantastic speech writing tips and hints.

The second stage is making sure you get control of your situation and overcome your nerves. Working through the anxiety and fear that you have about public speaking can be very hard to do. This is true, even though most of the audience members who will be listening to your speech will mostly be people who are wishing you well and who love you. For most grooms, it is without a doubt a very challenging task. Here are some useful tips to help you break free of your worries and help make the process much easier.

Don’t Over Drink

It is probably perfectly fine to have a drink or two to steady your nerves. However, it could be a huge mistake to over do it with the alcohol. In terms of booze, you are familiar with what your limits are. It is your responsibility to stay well within these limits.

Just having one too many drinks can make your speech hard to understand slurred. You might not even notice it yourself. Standing still might get tricky. Worst of all, there is the possibility that you could forget some of the words from your speech end up going on an incoherent and rambling rant. All the guests will notice you have drank too much, and you will embarrass your new wife along with yourself.

Trying to stay sober can get tricky when everybody around you is going through all of the wine on the tables that you paid for. However, try to remain focused on your job. Once you have delivered your impressive speech, you can enjoy yourself even more.

Make And Keep Notes For Your Speech

Here at the Groom List, we don’t recommend that you read your entire speech off of a script. This could end up making you sound insincere or your voice being flat with no projection. Have some cue cards on hand instead to refer to when you get up and start your speech. This will make a dramatic difference in helping you remember the words as well as delivering an effective speech. Write the pertinent keywords and points in large letters. That way, when you take a glance at your cards, you will be able to see them easily and quickly. Also make sure you write down everyone’s name that you would like to thank. That way you won’t forget anyone important.

Think Positively

This may sound like a cliché, however, as it gets closer to the time that you will be making your speech, try to not think negative thoughts or worry about things that you are afraid could go wrong. You might be worried about not saying your words just right or forgetting to thank somebody. However, with plenty of self-belief and good preparation, you will do fine. Speeches play an important role in wedding tradition. They should be enjoyed and savored. You don’t want to self-perpetuate a downward spiral full of negative thought by being down on them and dwelling on all the things that could go wrong.

Everyone Is Rooting For You

You and your new wife are the reason everyone is there listening to your speech. It is your special day, and you two are the stars. All of your guests really want you to do well, particularly if you appear nervous. They will be thoughtful and patient throughout the entire speech, cry on cue, laugh at all of your jokes and encourage you all the way to the end of your speech. They will be your easiest audience ever, so relax and enjoy the experience.